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has any one had issues with the nps isuzu doing the same?
I have the 2010 NPS with 19.5 wheels, 285/70 tyres and camper body. I've locked the rear tyres when a little Chinese lady stopped unexpectedly in a little Chinese car and I rearranged her boot bit a little. I've locked the rears on a wet Austrian road and gave my passenger (and me) a good fright as the back end started to come round to the front but never locked all 4 on sealed road - I think they would.

The braking effect is definetely less in reverse but I haven't stalled it yet on a good steep hill to see if we have the same issue but I suspect yes. The Isuzu did have larger front drums then the FG84 at the time IIRC and my wheels aren't as large so some benefit there.