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    AT Overland Equipment (Adventure Trailers Inc) based in Prescott, Arizona is growing and we are looking for qualified and motivated people to join our team. We have two key positions that we need to fill:

    Shop Foreperson:
    This position requires a well-rounded skill set. The right person for the position has hands on experience in automotive, manufacturing and assembly related operations. This is a “Working Foreperson” position that requires managing a diverse group workers performing automotive up fitment, welding, 12 volt wiring, cabinet making and production line assembly. The right candidate is capable of managing to meet production calendar deadlines within budget, be a natural leader who can earn the respect of the team, have an unsurpassed work ethic, is superbly organized and detail oriented. Being passionate about the outdoors and overlanding while not necessary would be a plus.


    This position requires a basic knowledge of the proper and safe use of hand tools, simple 12 volt wiring and can learn and retain basic assembly technical knowledge. Must be dependable, ethical, and consistent, can follow verbal and written instructions, read and interpret diagrams. A positive “Can do” attitude is first and foremost, we’ll teach you the rest.

    If you meet the above qualifications and character that we are seeking, please send your resume or work qualifications to us by email to for consideration. All compensation is commensurate upon your level of experience and what you bring to the table. We will not discuss compensation in this public forum.
    For the sake of efficiency we will not answer questions on this thread about these positions. Please direct all of your inquiries to
    We look forward to hearing from you 
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    Would you be willing to hold the position until August 26th? I would love to apply, but I'm in the Army until August 25th.. I'm looking at moving down to Prescott to finish school parttime at Embry-Riddle.

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