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    Hello everybody , Im reader of this forum and I would like to introduce myself and my new adventure, for some years we were traveling arround Spain , were we live, my wife and me, on a Land cruiser 73, two years ago we decide to upgrade our camper whit a serious project, so after many discusions about the way to follow, we found some diferent 4x4 trucks to use as a base , but I will be honest, from the beginning I am in love of Unimogs for many reasons, but I was reading in many sites about the limitation of this trucks as a expedition camper. At the end we found our baby ,38 years old, but in a good shape and low milleage, it was a workhorse in the German army and first step was to repaint it

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    The first trip to bring it home was 700 km on hiways, from the nord of Spain to Valencia, and we discover What the people says about the low speed compare whit normal trucks of these vehicles, so we fix the target to build a usable camper, overdrive , bigger wheels and more power to push the new final ratios

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    New rims for the 365 85 r20 and the adapters

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    Whit the new final ratio the truck expend long long time to rich the cruising speed of 85km h , so the best way to increase the power was a turbo, and looking a bit I found in Brasil and Argentina , where they are very common still now,many nice kits for Om352 whit a decent price

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    Whit the truck ready the idea was to build also the cabine whit room for two people , I atach some pics, it is still under construction

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    very nice.

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    Welcome to the forum! your supplier for European designed fiberglass sandwich panels and accessories.

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    Those wheels look terrible....I'll take them off your hands and trade you for a awesome set of stock wheels lol.

    Going to look great!

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    Exhaust and fuel Tanks......

    The cowl silencer is one of the best investiments, so quite and no restriction







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    Jajajajaja , not easy to find the wheels here in spain belive me...




    The quality of these tanks is so good , I feel Michos has a very good experiance building tanks, the people was also very friendly, and the cost good, dificult to find a beter option on aftermarket, for sure OM just steel for 1300

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    and details, the truck was in a good condition at all


    I made a big disaster first time I tild the cabine so I make a more robust piece



    The truck came whit a car bateries, the seller was very clever for that so finally I found the type 7 necesary for these trucks..


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