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Thread: motorcycle camping compact gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkam
    Kermit chair, the choice of many.
    Pricey now, even when I bought mine 7 years ago it was $75.
    The best part is, it will last a long time and I've had a buddy who is 6'9"
    and 320 lbs. sit in it and not break it.
    I love my Kermit Chair. It's even survived a Toga party 2 months ago.

    Did I mention that I'm 6'3 and 280?

    The PICO's are nice, I sat in one at Cabelas; but I could feel it "compress" when I relaxed. I'm not saying that it would hold me, but it's something about the plastic and metal mix.

    You might think that sticker shock of Kermit is a lot, but it really IS worth it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by LUISJG View Post
    can someone point me in the right direction to find real compact camping gear
    for motorcycle camping.

    I currenty have
    coleman exponent burner stove
    coleman exponent dual fuel lamp
    eureka backcountry solo tent
    exponent sleeping bag

    super compact chair that can be disasemble to the minimum
    compact table
    some kind of compact rain an hail shelter
    box for cooler
    and other handy gadgets
    My wife and I moto camp on a Vstrom 650 and use REI Flexlite chairs, panniers for tables and an Ice Mule Cooler (looks like a dry bag).

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    Just curious what tent that is? Thanks!

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    I have a Trek Ultra chair from Amazon that I sit in for a few hours every night. I love it (since I choose it over the sofa)

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    Default motorcycle camping compact gear.

    I run a kelty Noah tarp and an OR bivy sack. Works great. My suggestion would be to look at backpacking setups and work from there. Less is so much more when riding as it saves fatigue on the bike, rider, etc.

    Recent trends in the adv bike aftermarket arena seem to be trying to solve problems and creating new ones in the process. Examples being huge roll cage type structures around the bike, multiple bags to fit in every orifice of the bike etc. unless you plan on being a double for the next Mad Max movie, you can skip this stuff.

    Simplify and reduce weight!

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