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Thread: Horse Trailer Conversion?

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    I don't have any first-hand experience, but I've seen cargo trailer builds where people installed RV-style slide-outs for extra width room inside. Could be a solution for a more straight forward install, if you could call it that, more so than reconfiguring the whole trailer structure.
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    Well doing some research, I'm still unsure whether or not my frame can handle the potential weight of a car and shipping container (that's the would-be camper this week) no matter how boxed or long it is. It may be able, maybe not. In which case I've been looking at the medium and heavy duty chebbies of the era, asking around, and the body work to have a crew cab may or may not be worth it, depending on the truck I can find. Folks seem to prefer the dedicated brands for big trucks but finding one will cost it seems, especially with the right drivetrain and a crew cab, so I'm entertaining ideas. Ideas of how to build a big truck like this and how to build something more modest that uses what I've already got are both nice. I've got options, at least. The body on something totally different is an idea I can't say no to, however if it's an M35A2, I think I'd rather just find two and build a crew cab of it. It's a different kinda pretty, and the drivetrain is definitely one I like. However, I'm also down with the idea of chopping up a bus to do this, given what I've seen lately. Lots of ways to do this.

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