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Thread: 2018 G-class adopts IFS ?

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    The traction control systems in these things have taken the necessary skill set away from sand, muddy hill climbs, off camber decents, roots etc. I I was in the Luxo ute market, I'd look at a Range Rover too.

    All there are is luxury rigs. Who makes a stripper off-road SUV anymore outside of a 4 door keep or 4 runner?

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    Plenty of poverty pack/commercial/working offroaders around, just not in USA.
    E.g Toyota Landcruiser 200-series, steel wheels, barn doors. Still has traction aids though. Then there is the 70-series.
    However no more Landrover Defender, Nissan Patrol.
    Its a merket Mercedes should have filled (W461) as they have with the Sprinter and heavy trucks.

    Presumably you can get all the F-150 type things in low spec?

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    Nothing wrong with added tech to make the job easier and potentially safer for those that want to get into the backwoods in a bit more comfort. Not everyone who goes off-road is rock climbing or beating up the trails like a kid on a quad which was me in my youth. Living here in Colorado, a proper luxe SUV is a great toolkit for driving long distance in and taking the road less traveled. Most of the dirts roads I travel on need to have a good 8" of ground clearance plus have at least a center lock at min. but have used rear lock many times on some rutted snowy inclines. You'd be surprised how many people actually take their RR and G-Wagon "off-road" here. Nobody that buys these care about bouldering or doing anything really extreme. We just like the adventure of getting there and then hiking a couple miles to a great fishing spot. Cheers!

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