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Thread: Composite pop up project

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    Got to see this in person today all I can say is WOW... ,this pop up camper is a game changer, if you think it looks good in pictures, you have to see it in person. Great job Mark and Arnold, can't wait to see the production version.

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    I fully agree, it is a game changer. This is why I sold my Hawk and ordered the first production unit of the full size version. The Hawk is in my view simply not designed for our Canadian climate especially if you want to use in spring or fall and if you go north ( ). From my experience with European style composite cabins I knew that it is possible to build a product which is much better suited to our climate and in Overland Explorer I found a company having the same vision. In long discussions Mark and I came up with quite a few ideas to modify and hopefully improve the design of the pre production prototype shown here. The build will start early in the new year. I am really exited.

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    I had a change to inspect this camper last week. It is very impressive. The list of options is amazing. There are none which leads to what I feel is an extremely competitive price. This camper is one of those rare instances where a product IS NOT built to a price point yet is very competitive price wise.

    You get a LIGHT camper, with a pop top, that will be extremely durable and last for years and years of hard use.

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    Actually you don't have to do that to an FWC. I know they recommend it but I've never done it and mines still going strong.
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    Thanks for the comments guys, it's a lot of work figuring out all the little details, and the production version is going to look a lot different, all for good reason! To answer some of the questions:

    The fabric is a waterproof cold rated coated canvas on the outside, a layer of insulation designed to wick moisture and breathe with the inner canvas liner. I'm not the designer of the soft side, I leaned on an expert that designs and very successfully builds insulated multi man outfitting and guide tents used extensively in all regions of Canada, it looks really good and the experience is there with the combination. There is also a shock cord that runs through loops around the center of the outside, just not in the pics. It is ran that way as it is a wear item that can easily be replaced, not so when it is sewn into a wall. It helps fold the top in.

    To address the PM's, the production version is only coming one way, ready to go. It's the only way we can produce it in a cost effective manner and extract as much value as we can from our vendors, by buying volume. The standard equipment list look like this:

    .Insulated soft sides
    .Full cabinetry package - there are some really cool features coming that work very well
    .Pull out bed platform - turns bed into a king size north south bed
    .Lagun table system
    .Interior cargo tracking and tie down points
    .Group 27 AGM battery in sealed and vented box
    .Blue Sea fuse and breaker panel
    .Battery monitor
    .USB and 12 volt ports
    .20 gallon water system in the full size, 15 gallon in the mid size (this MIGHT move to 20 gallon too)
    .Truma Eco hot water and forced air heat
    .20 pound marine horizontal propane tank
    .Fantastic ceiling fan
    .LED interior lighting
    .4 camper jacks with brackets (Aluminum)
    .Tie down kit - in bed, model specific

    It is designed to use an outdoor cook top, most people already have their favourite one. If not we sell Partner Steel in our online store, the proper valve and a jumper hose is supplied and mounted on top of the counter. It will accommodate the biggest portable fridge, again most people already have their favourite one, we sell Dometic and Indel. If you are looking for an inverter/110 volt check out Lion Energy, testing so far is pretty darn good, we expect it to work perfectly in this size of product. The majority of this concept has come from the user group, and committed buyers who have been involved in the process from the inception. Thanks for the input everybody, let's see how this thing works!

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    I'm not sure if I missed it, but what's your target pricing?

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    I'm following this thread with great interest.
    I've really enjoyed my FWC Fleet on my Tacoma, albeit with all of the shortcomings others have mentioned here and elsewhere.

    What is the expected weight of the production model(s)?

    As others have noted, I think your design will be equally relevant for camping and traveling in hot climes.

    I also want to echo the recommendation of an earlier poster who suggested having doors inside the camper that allow access to the wheel wells for storage.

    It looks like the loss of storage resulting from your more simple design is the area to the rear of each wheel well (compared to, for example, a FWC). Is that right? If so, that could be remedied by providing an optional box with an external door that could be bolted to either side of the back of the camper.

    In any case, great work!

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    The only difference with the heat in the southeast us is the humidity. So having an ac to help dehumidify the air is important. Just food for thought. I donít like the idea of it on the roof for weight and and penetration, but I havenít came up with a good solution. My dads has a window unit.

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    Excellent, thank you for the detail.
    get out there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeep View Post
    Thanks Runt, we are doing the small pop up with soft sides, and the next thing to follow will be a full sized unit with hard sides, the little unit is dedicated to the small truck market and will be in production in 2018, this will be finished towards fall. The roof is going to be composite with perimeter extrusions so no worry about loading anything on top, there is an option for a hydraulic lift although the manual system is pretty slick. The roof will be tapered at the front with a built in slope to shed water, and will be tall enough to leave all the bedding in place. Lots of accommodations for awnings, we are a dealer for Alu Cab, and there is not a better 270 degree awning, fits this unit perfectly. With the design and construction of the camper, you can pretty much mount anything anywhere, there is a full perimeter wiring chase as well. We are moving into a 80% production 20% custom environment in the near future so we can concentrate on our product lines, and leave room for customers to customize to a realistic degree. Pic of appliances installed, should see a little more progress soon, gotta get the people in the shop looked after first!
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    I'm looking forward to checking the camper out this summer. The wife has indicated that we need a full size unit so hurry up and start on the full size!

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