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    It's getting to be crunch time for those of us serious about competing in the 2017 Rebelle Rally. Starting this thread (and maybe a whole sub-forum would be necessary, with adequate interest) to discuss training, prep, recruiting teams and teammates (I, for one, am looking for a navigator) and support staff, etc. Though the Rebelle Rally is an all women's navigation event, men are welcome as support crew and most of us ladies value your input on prep, training and recruiting teams and teammates, too!

    That said, I thought my first post would be to start accumulating a list of training and orientation opportunities. Please post if you know of any I am missing and will add to the complete list.

    June 11-12, Reno NV
    Rod Hall Racing Rebelle Driver Training:

    June 23-25, Flagstaff AZ
    Barlow Adventures FREE Driving & Nav (email me--only a spot or two left)

    FJ Summit Rebelle U (event is full, but you may be able to get a passenger seat with someone)

    September 15-17, Ocotillo Wells/Glamis CA
    Rebelle U

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    I am really surprised that this hasn't gotten more attention. The Rally is now under way, started yesterday 10/12. The "Live Tracking" doesn't seem to be online and they haven't posted any updates yet (everything is still from last year).

    Go Team Quilomene #110 !!!!
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