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    Default Military Ammo Box Speaker

    I"m almost finished converting this 20 mm rocket can
    into a serious wireless speaker. I'm still waiting for the
    bluetooth card to arrive, so for now it's a wired speaker.

    Anyone else build anything like this? This has 2 lead/acid
    batteries and runs on 24V, so I can plug it into my military
    truck, or can be recharged on 110V also. I just finished it,
    and it's been running for hours ... I'm guessing it would
    run for 24 to 48 hours on one charge.

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    Nice work. There are a couple of vendors that sell similar speaker systems based on an ammo can as well as all sorts of DIY instructions.
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    The ones I saw on the internet were not nearly as robust. On Amazon I found a 100W x 2 amplifier card that also has a 200W subwoofer amp. The speakers are Kicker with the LEDs, and this box will charge from a 110 outlet or from my 24V truck power. Also, as soon as it gets here, I'm adding a wireless bluetooth card, so the entire thing will be portable and need no wires. I ran it all last night and it looks like my power assessment was low ... it should run for a week or so without charging.

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    I went for a smaller version in a 50cal can.
    12v SLA battery 18 AH
    Charge controller for 12v input- from the jeep or plug in charger.
    2x4" speaker
    2x20w amp card
    Volt meter.
    Remote controlled blutooth input module wilth Aux, FM, TF card slot and USB port.
    Charger and Aux cable store inside the can.

    Still a couple more things to tweak - the speaker grilles have to be secured and a magnet for the handle, might add some wadding inside but it spunds OK.
    Also thought about adding another amp channel and running a sub in another can.
    May add a USB charge and 12V outlet also.
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    Not sure how I missed this one- I love it!

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