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Thread: NWOR 2017, my story

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    Very nice pics. They give those of us who have not been an idea of what it is. I used to have a K-20 Burb with a 6.2. It was a 'museum piece' without a scratch on it- stored inside, etc. almost in showroom condition-really too nice for my use. I got a high price for it from a buyer in Arkansas. I said "I'll drive it down there for you". I got about 10 miles into Ark on I-40, and spun a main bearing, just cruising down the interstate at 62 mph. Only had 60k miles on it. I thought I cut a fat hog, and I ended up with barely a strip of bacon...

    I hope to show up next year with my Cummins Burb, but I don't have a fun toy like yours to tow along, unless I can talk my son into coming along with his VX. Looks like you had a blast.
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    That bites about the spun bearing, but it sounds like you got a burger out of the deal with that Cummins.

    It's a tremendous amount of fun no matter what you bring. There really is everything from Porsche to Suburbans. Next year, it's unlikely the '40 will come along - it came this year because it failed the year before.

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    Really enjoyed this thread. Thanks for sharing!

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