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Thread: BRX1, Moby XTR or Inka Venture

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    One additional thing I will mention which I wouldn't have realized until after taking delivery of the trailer is some of the off road teardrops have a galley counter height that makes it unusable unless you're 6'6" tall or use a step stool. I remembered this when Michaelbestlynd mentioned the air bag suspension on the Inka. That feature allows you to have off road clearance and then lower the trailer at camp to make prepping in the galley AND getting in and out of the trailer easier. Just one more thing to consider when choosing your trailer. Some may consider this a non issue but for me this was pretty important since I do all the cooking when the wife and I camp.


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    Good point Phxdsrtrat! You can level side to side, and even front to back (to some extent) super quick. Like you, I didn't realize how nice a feature this is until our first trip. Very rarely do we find a spot perfectly level. I generally don't travel with the included trailer jacks, because its just not needed.

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    I looked at the BRX trailers at Expo East, they look super. Emailed and got a quick response about their builds. I did like them a lot, however, we went with a SoCAl built at Great Lakes Teardrops in Michigan. We absolutely love it. Three month turn around from deposit to pick up. The BRX trailer looks great, but had my mind set on a SoCal from the get go. Andy at Great Lakes was super. Good luck with your decision.

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    Ran into this thread doing some research on trailers.

    I, like many on here, am about as good as getting black nails with a hammer so I'm going the expensive route. A little luxury would be nice and if the trailer provides a temperature controlled cabin, even better. This is why Moby1 has hit my top spot (both A/C and heating) and 36 gallon water tank + can easily sleep 6 (2 in the trailer and 4 on the roof in an RTT). However I don't like the curved shape of the rear and the raised galley. There is also no way to install a foxwing awning on it, which is why I'm still researching.

    A close second are the Turtleback Trailers and I like their layout but they don't have a temp controlled sleeping area in the trailer and they have a smaller water tank capacity.

    Patriot Campers from AU are making an entry into the market towards the end of the year and their X1 Tourer is my third favorite camper and even though it has an RTT built in, the ladder accessibility seems a lot more easier to enter the tent. It has a similar sized water tank (to the Turtleback trailer) and has air suspension to level the trailer. Has a great galley + foxwing awning spread and is likely the most expensive of the group.

    Having said that, if I was to consider Turtleback trailers, have their Peanut, which is a great camper (especially optioned out - close to $30K) with 50 gallons of hot / cold water, full galley, ARB Fridge, Alu ladder included and fully aluminum built but I'm on the fence with this one because I'm not a big fan of RTTs.

    If any of you have any other recommendations, would be helpful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by encryption View Post
    Patriot Campers from AU are making an entry into the market towards the end of the year...
    Patriot is already shipping trailers to the US. Was out west for work last week and met up with a guy who owns an X1. Overbuilt is an understatement, it's no wonder why they won the aussie trailer award for best trailer like 4 years in a row. The suspension alone is a thing of beauty. The quality of their product and from what the owner said the communication from the company even being in a different company would justify the premium price they are asking.

    Here's my take on buying any of the above choices, which are all great choices but this goes for any trailer. Do your research. When you think you are done take a breath and do it again. Research the components that the manufacturer uses, make sure they are quality parts not chinese garbage or the cheapest components that could be sourced. If the company that's selling the product can't tell you about the product without trash talking someone else's product, walk away. If there is an excuse for problems instead of taking ownership of issues, walk away. Talk to everyone you can. Owners, forums where owners discuss issues, call the company and feel them out etc. Make sure that the company is going to stand behind their product after the sale. Go look at them in person and don't get caught up in some bull**** enamored love at first sight sale. Don't take what the guy selling the unit says as chapter and verse, they are just trying to sell you a product. If you want to know about the product talk to people who went through the purchase process and have used it.
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    Here's a walk-around video of the Moby1 from the SEMA show:
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