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Thread: What vehicle is right for me

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    I think the R51 Pathfinder would fit the bill nicely. Its MPG will be at the bottom of your range. My 07 averages between 19-22 on loaded (2 adults, 2 medium dogs) trips, depending on whether we are headed up to the mountains or down the coast. I would look at the 2010-2012 R51s. Any issues were sorted out by then and they have 3.13 gears as opposed to the 3.36 I have so you should be able to squeak out a little better mileage. Mine is rated to tow 6k.

    We thoroughly enjoy the space ours has for the 4 of us without cluttering up the roof and it has been more than capable for my off road excursions.

    Cargurus lists several 4x4, 2012 Pathfinders w/ <50k miles for under $18k

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    Sounds like an outback is right for me for the most part. I kind of thought that when I wrote my original post. The only other thing I am considering is a Cherokee trail hawk used (lots of those used listed sub $24k so I should be able to fit it in the budget) cargo space is limited but with enough stuff on the roof/hitch it be fine
    I've got 2 kids, and no way would I even consider a Cherokee. I would go with a Grand Cherokee, at a minimum (if you were going with a Jeep). They could probably be had for cheaper price as well, and the Pentastar V6 gets good MPG.
    I would still vote a Subaru, either a Outback or Forester. You can get a new Forester for your budget. I believe they all come with X-Mode now that does pretty well off-road. Enough for what you'll be doing, I believe. I like the roof rails on the Forester much better than the Outback as well.

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