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    Bugger part one of the adventure is over ....
    Bring on part two.....waiting...
    Thanks for taking us on the was a great ride.....

    Cheers Fugly..

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    Default An American in the Canadian Insurance Market. . .

    This posting is in response to the several inquiries I've received regarding how I managed insurance and registration in Canada.

    Here are the bullet points of what transpired:

    I'm a US citizen with no form of Canadian residency, mailing address or citizenship.
    Our 1995 truck is 2 years too young to import directly into the USA (25 years old), however Canada's policy of 15 years old allowed for direct import.
    I intended to register and insure the truck in British Columbia where the truck was to be stored while I sorted/waited out import into the USA.
    BC is willing to insure and register a vehicle to a non-resident (like me) but only if the vehicle is within its boundaries.
    I therefore needed to get the truck insured and temporarily registered in Nova Scotia where it was first arriving onto Canadian soil.
    I exhausted every avenue of insurance that myself and helpful NS insurance brokers could come up with.
    From all of my dead-end research, I came to find out that a non-Canadian resident cannot obtain NS vehicle insurance.
    Add to that, NS insurance companies wanted proof of NS registration before moving forward; NS registration wanted proof of NS insurance coverage before moving forward.
    I couldn't wrap my head around that paradox!
    Truck transport quotes from Halifax to Vancouver ranged from $16,000 down to $7000; too rich for my pocketbook.
    In an air of "better to ask forgiveness than permission" I ended up cannonballing from NS to BC sans-registration or insurance.
    The first town we came to in BC I stopped and got the truck insured and registered.

    I could have probably rented out a temporary mailing address from a mailing service in Halifax and used that as my "proof of NS residency" but doing so seemed just as shady and might not have even worked in the end. Some of you readers may shake your heads in disapproval thinking I'm too cavalier and unscrupulous. I truly gave it my best try to go the legit route but I did what I did because my hand was forced (and I couldn't afford cross-continental transport costs). It worked out and for that I'm very thankful.

    Takeaways from this exercise in frustration:

    When an insurance agent tells you "anything is insurable", watch carefully as their nose begins to grow.
    I am very thankful I didn't have any altercations with law enforcement types during our drive.
    If you are a non-Canadian US citizen attempting to follow in my footsteps, do yourself a favor and purchase a 25 year old vehicle and import directly into the US.
    Since purchasing Lowly, the insurance/registration has been the biggest frustrating time vacuum yet, and that is saying a lot!

    Let the flaming begin. . .

    - Sheik

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    No flaming from my side :-) Thank you for sharing your honest recount. I know first hand that importing is far from being easy and will cost WAY more than planed.
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    Not going to flame you either. I did the same Coast to Coast cannonball run a few years back with my newly purchased mog too. I had Bandit running a Subaru WRX the whole way. I even had t-shirts printed for the trip. Anyone contemplating such foolishness, be wary of the Nova Scotia weigh scales they are wise to these sort of things. Ontario also likes to post sentries near their borders for registration checks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lost1 View Post
    Anyone contemplating such foolishness, be wary of the Nova Scotia weigh scales they are wise to these sort of things. Ontario also likes to post sentries near their borders for registration checks.
    I personally didn't have any run-ins with the weigh scale authorities. I never pulled into any of the scales until we entered Alberta and that was long after the scale had closed for the night. It also likely helped that my rig still looked somewhat like a fire department emergency response vehicle. We could have probably gotten away with murder and been allowed through with a friendly wave thinking we were on official business; I kind of liken it to an imposter wearing a lab coat with an official looking name badge and holding a clipboard.

    - Sheik
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    Glad you made it across country safe and sound - quite the journey for the first road trip in your new vehicle!

    Can't wait to see what you do with it...
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    Default US Temporary Import Update

    Currently playing the middleman between a US importer and the US Department Of Transportation. Importer says an approval letter is necessary from the DOT for a temporary import bond (which would allow for temp import to be re-upped for a total of 3 years). Upon requesting the approval letter I was notified by the DOT that I could temporarily import for 1 year without a bond but couldn't get extensions by going that route. No approval letter yet for my desired TIB.

    Dealing with this sort of situation where a citizen go-getter is forced to interact with government bureaucracy is like intentionally hitting your thumb with a hammer, repeatedly.

    Stay tuned,

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    As a Québécois, got yo love that sentence "The province of French speaking Quebec should be a country of its own."!!!

    Love your truck and the fact that you had the balls to do what you've done. Can't wait to read the rest of your story and cross m'y own contry!

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    "fun" fact, last time we tried to become a contry was the year your truck was built!

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    I thought driving my vehicle for 2 hours with plates borrowed from another vehicle was hair raising!!! Glad you made it safe and sound. Sad thing is when you try to do the right thing they toss roadblocks in front of you but for the thousands that regularly break the law and don't care they give them a warning and let them go to do it all over.
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