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    What are you using for water heater? We want to install about a 6 gallon water heater on our rig for shower. Just got back from Alaska, we are now preparing our rig for the next journey. We are not taking the trailer for the next journey. thx

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    thank i am looking into this now. i want to install this inside my rig. thx

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    I ended up building an enclosure and mount for a portable tankless unit on the back of my camper. I didn't want to fuss with the exhaust so outside worked best for me. I also put the shower outside but it sends hot water inside for my sink as well. The unit is an Eccotemp L5.
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    Isotemp water heater using engine heat is very nice for our Sprinter. Water is hot after a 20 minute drive and stays hot for hours. It also has a 750 watt element.

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    Expensive but the Precision Temp RV550 is propane and on demand.

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