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    Hello, folks!

    I have wanted for a while now to get into backpacking. I want to get a single bike that can do long pavement commutes as well as light single track all while staying on a tight budget (can't take too much from the truck fund

    This bike from Masi seems to fit what I'm looking for, could any of you knowledgeable folks take a look at the specs and tell me if there is anything to worry about?

    Also, for adventure travel, would you go for the 700c or 27.5 version?

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    Welcome to Expo and I'm glad your first post is in the adventure bikepacking section. I have owned a Masi CXSS and was one of the first "Moster Cross" production bikes that was not custom job. Since that bike the selection of Monster Cross, drop bar off road tour bikes and adventure bikes have grown tremendously. Monster Cross was originally drop bar 29ers or 700c-45 tires and now you don't hear that term describing these bikes anymore. Some other brands and models that are around include the popular Salsa Fargo and Marrakesh, Surly Straggler, All-City Macho Man, Specialized AWOL and Sequoia, Trek 920, Soma Wolverine, Foundry Overland, Advocate Lorax, Velo Orange Pilet, Kona Sutra and Crust Romanceur or Evasion.

    If you are buying new the best bit of info is to get sized on the bike correctly by a shop that knows how to fit a bike. There are many fine adjustments that you can make that will greatly increase your comfort in the saddle. Also ride some of the other bikes listed above. If you want to save some money look for any of the above bikes used because this adventure biking, gravel grinding, dirt drop, segment has been around for a few years now and you might find a great deal on a used Salsa Fargo or Surly in your area.

    If you want to go very cheap find a late 1990s steel mountain bike rebuild it with modern parts in 1x9 or 2x9 strap some racks and fenders on and ride. This is what I did with my Trek 930 and my wife's 970.

    The Masi looks to be a solid ride. Go 700c if you see more pavement and 650b /27.5 if you want more clearance for fenders or a more all terrain ride.
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