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    I am new to the site, but not to camping or off-roading. I used to run a Jeep Cherokee Sport with mods, but haven't had an off-roader since. The wife and I are avid campers, and both or our girls (3 and 1) have been camping. We are looking to get a hybrid camper, and my friends and I are planning some bigger camping trips.

    I am currently in search for my next vehicle. I am selling of two to purchase my next daily driver. I am wanting to get something that can haul the whole family, tow the trailer, and be decent off-road.

    I saw ExPo's article for the Excursion, and had to stop in. I have lots to read and research, but I think the Excursion may fit the bill. Plenty of room, diesel efficency, power, and off-road ability. I have also been looking at 4runners and Xterras.

    Any input is appreciated. Thank you, and I look forward to getting to know you all.
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    You should consider Toyota Land Cruiser/Lexus LX470. They are horrible on gas, but often run into the 400,00 and much higher miles.

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    I have looked into the land cruiser, but canít find a decent on close to me. There are some land rovers and range rovers available, but I feel that the repair and maintenance costs would be higher on those.

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    There is also a late 90ís suburban for sale in the area. The idea of a modified, Cummins powered, 4l80e, big burb sounds fun.

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    I love my Xterra, but check the size to see if it is enough for your family. The 4Runner has a bit more room in the back. You might also want to look at the GX470 (bit of a luxury 4Runner) which has a v8.

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    Welcome from Southwestern Illinois! You should look at the Suburban/Yukon duo. I have an 02 Yukon XL, 4x4, LSD and 5.3 motor. It has 219K and is my daily driver. I have actually only had it for a couple of years. I bought it to pull around a boat (that I haven't gotten around to buying), and my pop up camper (that is so old and rotting it can't be pulled anywhere), but through the process of elimination it has become my daily driver.

    I just hauled a bunch of Boy Scouts up to Northern Tier, a 1400 mile round trip, and got 18 mpg on the hwy. I normally get 16 around town. I love it and wish I would have bought one sooner. Plenty of room, cheap to buy, easy to work on, pretty reliable and comfortable. It's a beast to park, but you might be ok with a short version like the Tahoe.

    I might sound biased just because I have one, but truly I like anything with wheels.
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