I've looked through the Unimog section and have seem people asking about four door Unimogs (Dokas) and questioning if the frame that was left behind the cab was long enough to make an expedition rig. While browsing on the Unimog Exchange I saw that a long frame Doka with a long bed just came up for sale a couple of days ago. Thought I would pass on this link. It's posting #77- a 1974 Doka that's been totally renovated with rebuilt engine & transmission. The front end loader and tipper bed with associated PTO and hydraulics could both be sold to go a long way toward offsetting the $37,000 asking price.

1974 Unimo 416 DoKa, long frame with long bed, 6-speed transmission, PTO and full hydraulics. Totally renovated including rebuilt motor and transmission, new metal in tipper bed, and new paint - no rust anywhere. Comes with refurbished Schmidt FL-4 front loader, 5 new XM-47 tires, and many new parts. Email for pictures, $37,000.
Grant Guilbeault , 603-817-9302
Stratham, NH 03885, USA - Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 08:24 GMT.