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Thread: Proud Rhino Discovery 5

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    Default Proud Rhino Discovery 5

    Finally the Proud Rhino Discovery 5 is in! First thing Monday we will start with the hidden winch mount and lift rods. I will be looking for some volunteers to run a few prototype lift rods for us. Please DM me if your interested. Never been so excited for a Monday.

    IMG_3519 2.jpg
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    I was like a kid in a candy store today as we stripped the front off the Discovery 5. It may have just been my excitement but everything came apart fairly straight forward an easy. Our cardboard template was put into place with only some minor tweeking needed. Next up will be to test fit a metal version.



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    Very cool guys! Can't wait to see what else is coming!
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    Nothing but smiles here today at the shop. Winch tray prototype V2 was cut, bent and bolted right in! We have some minor adjustments to do on the tray depth and fairlead bracket but this will have to wait until after MAR. We will be back at it next week with tires and lift rods.



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    Looks awesome. The D5 is growing on me.

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    I like my diesel D5.

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    Just getting back from MAR and we did not have time to test fit the tires. So all I have is a picture of tires on a pallet, but hey who does not love new tires? Im hoping to get them on to morrow but the shop has been extra busy.

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    Default TIRES ARE ON

    We have been full steam at the shop! I have been trying to squeeze in the D5 but canít get the room. If anyone that knows Rovers has some free time let me know. We have the lift kit and winch tray V3 ready to play with still but at least we got the tires on today. I do have some concerns about rubbing when the suspension is on the bumps. In mid turn the inner fender well lining may touch but I can not be sure until the bumpers back on. Until tomorrow all I have are these parking lot pics.



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    Very cool

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