Well you're entitled to opinion, but I respectfully disagree. This isn't my first rodeo with coilovers, I've run them on multiple track and street cars, two Jeeps and two Toyotas. I agree in regards to your point on the 4-link, but that's also debatable on a big truck if you employ the use of traction/ladder bars. Let's be honest, we aren't looking for earth shattering travel and high speed performance here on a full-size HD truck. I am looking for adjustability in my load and ride height and quality of ride both on and off-road, the coil-over is unmatched in both of those departments. I don't care about being able to swap a fixed spring out on a whim, and the quality of slick body has not held up in my applications in the past, most notably shocks from Icon, they were being rebuilt/recharged every 6 months. When these need attention it'll be time to rebuild them and do a shake down on the entire chassis making the work/effort part of a general overhaul for the entire rig. The coilover kit I am using will still use a slick body in conjunction with the single rate primary spring coilover, these are not dual rate or triple rate spring systems.

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The only point I will concur on is the adjust-ability of height, but that can be also attained by using OUO adjustable coil levelers. There is no way a 6" shorter spring can yield the same amount of travel. A quality shock (King, Fox, RadFlo) can be rebuilt. If you need to swap spring, it's much easier to loosen the shock, take pressure off the coil and pop it out and the new one in and reinstall the shock.

I wouldn't look into coilovers until approaching 10" of lift. Using them for less lift is purely a cosmetic upgrade. Same goes for parallel links (marketed as 4 link, but actually 5 link) as they have no improved ride quality over a set of OUO ALAs, and the parallel link arms pronounce brake dive which also pronounces body roll.