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Thread: Another bumper question (Fontiers)

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    You will love it.

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    The best part of the aluminum is the drastic weight savings and less impact on your suspension...the extra cost sucks though! If I could, the Hefty aluminum would be my choice.
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    I went with the ARB because it was easily available though the shop doing the work, but I wouldn't hesitate to get one again. Approach angle has been fine, haven't plowed anything with it at all.

    Definitely want to add a Shrockworks to the rear, though I haven't dragged the hitch since I was stock.

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    I ended up ordering another Shrockworks bumper. I tried to talk myself into the Hefty, but at the end of the day there are a couple of reasons I went with the Shrock:
    1. There is something about the Hefty front bumper that just doesn't appeal to me... the lines aren't as clean as the shrock, and the gaping holes in the front aren't good looking in my opinion.
    2. Winch mounting: I dislike how you cannot mount the control module of the winch inside the Hefty bumper. It tucks up cleanly inside the shrock, and they include a nice hole to mount the plug in.
    3. Price: With a military discount (5%), even with shipping, the shrock is cheaper than the hefty steel bumper, let alone the aluminum.

    I was extremely happy with my last shrockworks bumper, and have no reason to believe that I won't be again. This time I went with the new "low hoop" that they have on their site. It's designed to fit a Rigid 20" E series bar, so I'll be ordering one of those, as well.

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