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Thread: Pop-up Camper Rear Overhang: Recommendations?

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    I appreciate everyone's comments.
    I looked for an actual weight thread - would love to see photos of certain rigs w/ actual weights. Is there such a thread somewhere I haven't found?
    <I guess this has strayed a long ways from the original overhang question, but I really appreciate everyone's insight)
    Houston, TX

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    You've seen my rig, in that trim it's sitting about 11k GVW. That puts camper and gear roughly at 3k. Really glad I did the 1ton, no way would I consider a 1/2 ton, even if did have the increased payload
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    We're at about 11500lbs or so fully loaded. Fuso FG, 13' service body and 10' Northstar TS1000

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    We roll a 2005 northstar 850sc on a 2001 ram 2500 Cummins with timbren ses bump stops. We don't even notice it's back there pulling mountains of Colorado. Other member remarked and outside shower is easier to use. We have cassette toilet as well pretty simple with own water supply. I'm not sure of total weight loaded we don't normally load water until close to destination. I can try to hit a cat scale when we reload it for snowmobile season. We run a 14" hitch extension when pulling 2 bike mc trailer. Happijac front tiedowns with Diy rears that slide in side of trailer hitch.

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