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Thread: Anyone has expiriance with high roof Ford Transit 4x4 (or lifted)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forrestvt View Post
    Curious why you went with the Ford with Quigley conversion vs 4wd Sprinter?

    Is there much of a price delta?
    From what I can see costing things out the Ford is cheaper (maybe 10K) with 4x4 than a Sprinter but that is just based on web builds so real $$ it might be different. One reason to pick a Ford is you can get a gas engine instead of diesel, so you could go south of the border without the Sprinter diesel fuel availability problem. However, I wonder how much Ford support there is south of the border (e.g. Argentina). Also, there are a lot more Ford dealers around than Mercedes Sprinter dealers.

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    I have been traveling with an European 4x4 Transit in Latin America for the last 5 years. Transits are sold in most countries and I had no problems finding well equipped Ford dealerships. Sprinters are quite common in Latin America but they have different engines and gear boxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranchero View Post
    US Ford Transit 4x4s are made by Quigley at the moment. The transfer case is a Magna/New Venture 2-speed.
    Ok thanks !!!

    I think it's different in Italy I'll look for more info...

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    Ranchero, I hadn't seen a good pic of yours lately. It looks amazing. I went with a mid roof 148" wheelbase Ecoboost and love it so far. it's only 2wd. Of course any new vehicle is going to have a couple of problems, I'm sure the Econoline did 25 years ago when they brought it out (the last generation I mean) but the Transit is solid and the drivetrain is proven in the F150s. They are fast, strong and reliable. The only known issue to worry about is the flex disc (guibo) cracking problem which Ford is recalling and replacing.

    Quigley isn't the only one converting these to 4wd. Expovans/MgMetalworks is working on a system and Quadvan is doing them solely now. Lots of the Quadvan ones on the road. If you just need a lift there is VanCompass for less than $2k and several others in the works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TexomaPowerboater View Post

    Thanks for posting. On the Nissan and Transit project you have in the works. Will these be lift kits for 2wd Nissan or Transit or will they be for Quigley/4x4 Nissans and Transits?
    These will be for the 2 wheel drive Transit and Nissans. Nothing for the Quigley 4x4 as of yet but that only takes one crazy person with a dream to go big.
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    I have done some research and have come up with these companies that do 4wd conversions on Transits. Quadvans, Quigley, and Expovans. Am I missing anyone? Is there any reason to pick one over the others?

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    lift? MG\Expovans stated his design is around a 2.75" lift.
    Quadvans and Quigleys are 2" lifts, though someone mentioned Quadvan was working on a 4" lift. haven't seen evidence of that yet.
    VanCompass on their instagram feed hinted at also working on a 4x4 version as well...

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