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Thread: Two-time LR owner seeks third round of torture. What should I get?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray_G View Post
    They do make a coil conversion for the truck; check out my build thread, mine among many has been convereted (its buried deep in there though, so admittedly you may want to look on NAS-ROW for the reader's digest version of my experience).
    Atlantic British, among others, sells the kits that range from stock height to +2 either with OME MD or HD springs (depending on kit).
    Price varies based off which one you get. (

    I'll leave it at that lest we slide too far off the D1 centric nature of the OP's question.
    Thanks Ray!

    Quote Originally Posted by zelatore View Post
    There are a couple of coil conversions available, but I wouldn't jump to make the switch so fast with the LR3/4 as with past Rovers. Perfect? No, but far more flexible than coils and FAR more reliable than older RRC or P38 airbags!
    Don - have our paths crossed at some point? I was one of the founding board members of the NCLR. Left the club a few years back.

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    stevenmd - maybe? I've been on the BoD the last couple years. Joined about 4(?) years ago. I'm (too) active on the club forum under Dhappel. I'm also in the 916 area, though south in Walnut Grove.

    I don't know a lot of the original membership who became less active in recent years.

    FWIW, a few of the Sac area guys are probably going to Prairie City Friday for a little play time and to try out some new mods. I'll probably have the D1 out if I can get back up here earlier enough.
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