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Thread: New Photos of the Earthroamer XV-HD ahead of SEMA

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    And yet another Expo thread off the rails.

    Does anyone ever even look at thread titles here?

    The thread is supposed to be pics of a very expensive Expedition vehicle. The fact that most of us cant afford it is not really relevant, many folks including me like seeing whatís out there.

    Bill- nicely worded response, I would have told him/ her to get bent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Many (if not most) creditors were made whole and we have excellent business relationships with many of those same vendors today. The SBA was paid in full when we sold the factory and not one penny of taxpayer money was used to bail us out. I couldnít undo all of the harm that the bankruptcy caused to everyone, but I did my best to make as many people as possible whole, and move through the process with honesty and integrity. It wasnít easy.

    Today we are designing and building world class expedition vehicles. We are creating jobs, buying goods and services from many other companies, and enabling EarthRoamer owners to live their dreams in an American made product produced by talented and skilled Colorado craftsman. For that I make no apologies.

    If you have any additional questions, call me or send me an email and Iíll do my best to provide you with accurate answers.


    Bill Swails
    EarthRoamer Founder and CEO
    303-601-7659 cell

    ps. Glad you like the hidden staircase.

    True class Bill, huge kudos.
    Thanks for doing what you (and Earthroamer) do!

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