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Thread: so with the FCIIs gone, whats the new hotness for A/T with epic winter performance?

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    GY Duratracs- For lighter trucks. It's a bit soft for log roads and heavier trucks. Wiggly when new.

    Cooper ST Maxx- Heavy duty MT carcass, hybrid tread pattern. Excellent snow traction. You can't beat this tire for a snow AT that is tough and can be used all year long.

    Cooper STT Pro- While a mud terrain tire, and outside the scope of this thread, they have siping and good snow performance in Ohio snow and ice. Handy, because if you make a mistake and slide off the road into mud........

    Interco IROC- It's what the local fire departments use on their F350 brush trucks which see beach and heavy snow use as well. Tax $$$$ helps as well:
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    I'm a Cooper guy all the way, but if I was spending YOUR money, and I wanted excellent snow and ice performance in a non-winter specific tire, I'd buck up for a set of the newer BFG ATKOMark2.0 Redux tires, or whatever they're calling them these days. A few years ago, I heard from a Cooper engineer that that tire was one of the best performing non-winter tires they have tested on snow and ice...

    On the downside, real world feedback says that while they are excellent when new, once you wear off the shallow siping, they are not good at all... So sell them when they get that low and buy another set.

    FWIW, I have AT3's and STMaxx's on our vehicles. They both are pretty good, with the AT3's doing better on ice or packed snow, and the Maxx's doing better in loose or deep snow. Cooper also as an ATW that's more of a winter tire that can be run all year... Not enough winter here to try them, but if I lived in the snow belt, they'd probably be my go-to instead of AT3's.
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    I have been satisfied with the ice and snow performance of the AT3’s. No complaints, will buy again.

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    I would look at the Cooper Discoverer XT/4, it was designed for Canada, lots of full-depth siping, great in the snow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hartigan View Post
    I ran mine in 6" of new snow on top of hard-pack a few weeks ago up in Eldorado National Forest, and they did really well. So far I've only got good things to say about the AT3Ws, I'm really impressed.
    I'm most impressed with the braking traction on packed snow/ice. The acceleration traction is nothing special in an empty pickup in 2x4 but the braking is the best I've found. The siping really does well in that regard.

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    Is anyone running the Toyo RT? I saw some at the shop and they seem to bridge the gap between MT and AT tires

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