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Thread: Expedition Vehicles: ridiculously overpriced or not

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    You are of course correct in your logic, but I do not think you represent the target market of Unicat/Action Mobil!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tgreening View Post
    Thatís my point. I donít see how you shrink that cost down to pickup based camper. At the end of the day itís still just a camper and the bulk of the serious engineering by far is still in the pickup itself. I see no way on gods earth to reasonably sink approx $400k into a space thatís maybe 8x10. Around 8x24 if you include the whole truck package.
    The fact that you don't see why you would do it doesn't mean it's not worth it (man hours, RD, etc).

    Getting things smaller and fitting them in tight spaces never has been cheap in any industry. I'm not saying they are worth every penny, just that your taste or financial disposition doesn't factor in the toatl cost of those machines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calicamper View Post
    Many friends cruise the world on sailboats that cost a fraction of what these fancy RVs sell for.
    I'm curious as to this opinion. While a person can certainly do it in lesser rigs (at risk of life and limb), who is it that is sailing the world in a modern sailboat that costs significantly less than, say $250k?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tembo View Post
    I am much happier doing a RTW trip in a 30 year old Land Rover or last resort a Toyota...than in any expensive rig that is just going to scream 'rob me.' In my opinion, most of the people who buy those rigs will ever actually go anywhere except national parks. Instead, spend $3000 on a basic truck, $10,000 (max) getting it sorted out and spend the other $100,000 on your round the world trip.
    Tell me about your RTW trip...
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