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Thread: Official goneMOAB 2018 Announcement

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    Default Jan 18th update

    Latest Rig Count:

    75 Rigs, 110 attendees.

    Trails that are full:
    • Tuesday's Elephant Hill
    • Tuesday's Trifecta (PSM-Golden Spike- Gold Bar)
    • Wednesday's Elephant Hill (led by yours truly)
    • Thursday's Top of the World

    Trails that are filling fast:
    • Monday's PSM only has 7 spots left
    • Wednesday's Shaffer Trail/Lathrop/White Rim is down to 1 slot left!
    • Friday's Fin's and Things has 4 slots left
    • Friday's Porcupine Rim (led by yours truly) has 5 slots left.

    We still have plenty of room on other trails, but if you want to make sure you get what you want, you'll want to register early.

    Also, for those who really want to run TOTW, we added another run on Wednesday and it's only got two folks signed up.

    As always, if you've any questions don't hesitate to PM me.

    You can register here!

    If you're wondering if it's worth it - it totally is. Bucket list area and bucket list trails abound.
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