Thread: Any undeveloped hot springs in Western Wyoming/Eastern Idaho accessible in November?

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    Default Any undeveloped hot springs in Western Wyoming/Eastern Idaho accessible in November?

    Planning a last minute trip the weekend after Thanksgiving, looking for an undeveloped (IE quiet and not busy) hot springs with nearby camping somewhere in Western Wyoming or Eastern Idaho. Somewhere fairly close to the Tetons. Any local insight would be appreciated!

    If there isn't a spot that has a hot springs, but rather is just a great place to spend a relaxing evening without crowds I'd love to hear about that to.
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    Default Eastern ID

    Back in 2015 I did some looking around for undeveloped HS more or less along the route from Henry's Lake, ID up to and over Teton Pass back into Jackson, WY. I found none which were undeveloped, can be driven to (or nearly to), and had camping nearby. There is one which is a considerable hike along a reservoir shoreline (Palisiades Res) and may be under water at normal levels, and one which is a 8-10 mile each way from a trailhead and a long vertical gain inbound. The rest, of which there are a good handful, are developed to one degree or another. But some of developed ones are kind of kitschy-cool, at least at first glance on the Interwebs.

    You might be interested in Evie Litton's book "Hiking Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest". Most recent edition is August 2014. It's a Falcon guide and is available at Amazon and most bookstores. Most avid hot springers consider it an indispensable reference book.

    More in Central/Northern ID than Eastern is Gold Bug HS, between Salmon and Challis. A mile and a half and 1,600' elevation gain and no camping at the HS or at the trailhead right off of US 93. Slate Creek HS is off of ID 75 between Challis and Stanley and is fairly easy to drive to in a decent 4WD. Sharkey's HS is developed but not in the commercial sense. It's an unmanned BLM facility south of Salmon a few miles off to the east of ID 28, approaching Lemhi Pass. Disbursed camping may be available at or near Sharkey's, but the location is pretty stark--unforested arid mountains with little flat ground. By the time you pick up enough elevation for some forest cover, you're approaching the pass and the snowline. The road above Sharkey's is not maintained in winter so getting to and through the forested part may be difficult to impossible in late November.


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    There are a few spots along the snake river between Jackson and Alpine that are semi developed, but we also just got 80ish inches of snow up high so camping might not be the best idea around Thanksgiving.

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    I went to Teton Science School a loonngg time ago and this was a favorite spot to visit- Kelly Warm Springs. Not really hot, but it was fun on a sunny winter day. I hope it's not developed, but you'll have to do some research
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    I was on a trip with some friends who live in that area and we found a few by mistake east of Rexburg. Between Victor, Idaho and Wilson, Wy. This was back around 2004, so my old man brain isn't exactly sure of locations, but up around Taylor mountain sticks in my head.

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