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Thread: Yes another Fuso SRW thread.....sorry.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1aquaholic View Post
    Amesz00 I think the problem with 16s is they can't handle the load as a super single, unless you've found one that can?
    11.00 and 325/85 will both take the weight easily as a single. MPT81 275/80r20 will as well, that's a little easier to fit at 37". Not much sidewall though. You'd probably have to get custom rims made for any of them that can take the weight too.

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    Michelin has come out with a 325/85R16 XZL with load rating 140 = 5512 lb = 5 metric tons per axle. ~38.7”, 8-9” wide rim with enough load rating.
    Quite a bit over the FGs rear GAWR of about 9500 lb.
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    Charlieaarons Looks like a great tire! I haven't found any wheels that have that kinda load rating in 16inch let alone that fit a Fuso. Anyone know of a 16?
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