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Thread: Pictures - Starting my 5x8 Cargo Camper Conversion

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    Quote Originally Posted by DsiDan View Post
    That Suspension moves a lot more than you would think. Those tires will be rubbing. I stuffered the mistake. Trailer looks bad *** by the way. Love the build.
    The specs say that there is a maximum of 2 and 5/8 inches of deflection in the suspension. On the pictures of the trailer on the ground, the suspension is compressed about an inch or so and theres about an inch and a half of vertical clearance. I should have gone with at least an extra inch of clearance, I'm not sure what I was thinking. However, I don't think it will be a big issue. Time will tell, hopefully I don't have to rebuild them.

    Thank you all for the compliments on the trailer, I am really happy about how it is turning out and it's nice to hear other's thoughts

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    Spare Tire Mounted.


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    Nice work....looks good!

    Any problems hanging that 100# (?) wheel-n-tire on those two bolts on a first try?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlin View Post
    Nice work....looks good!

    Any problems hanging that 100# (?) wheel-n-tire on those two bolts on a first try?
    The bolts had no issue with it.. it should take probably 10 tires to shear a bolt. The channel in the back wasn't up to snuff though.

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    Big update! I finished the box and mounted it. I also ran all the towing electrical including brakes and tested all the lights. Also installed the floor. Pics below, not exactly in order. If videos are your thing, you can check out my video update

    Painted the tongue. Thank you Adventure Trailers for the laser cut plate to convert my tongue. I now have massive confidence in the strength of the converted tongue.


    Tongue box mounted


    Hooking up electrical (new wireloom also)


    Wiring up the brakes (supposed to use blue wire? Oops)


    Lights all working, including new clearance lights on the fenders.


    Bonus pic of me, happy because the trailer is going well now.


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    Really liking this.. I just traded my trailer for a set of AEV wheels and hundred $$.. Wanting to build another one next summer depending on where I am living. Looks like this makes an awesome base.

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    Great project so far, love where you hid your electric panel for your trailer plug. What are the uprights made of in your trailer to hold a complete tire and wheel (I am assuming they are 30"-33" tires)? Excited to see the completion and the inside of this trailer.

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    Very nice project! My 1st post.I've weighed out options for our jku and this is the option we've decided to go with as well. Thanks for sharing!

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    Yup, subscribed. I wanna see how this turns out. Looking good so far!
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