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Thread: Keeping it simple

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    Quote Originally Posted by BCobe View Post
    $200 for both axles! 1 Set of JK Gears is that! I do agree with doing things yourself. I have done everything myself except mount my tires. If I could fab, then I probably would have fabricated a rear bumper, I do like the looks of AEV plus the price was great so I would have bought that otherwise.

    A regear around me was about 600 per axle. I took that $1200 and invested in the tools and time. It was a pain to do but we shall see how they hold up.
    Way to go!
    Rear 8.8 axle complete with 4.10s and a shot limited slip ~$125... front, D35 IFS, 4.10 geared, housing & carrier ~ 75$, had the shims and spent roughly 1800 on the lockers (new couldn't find used).... tools left over from decades ago.

    Mounting tires by hand is for youngsters ($20 gets me four changed at the local Big-O).
    ...might be time to invest in a welding class at the local community college... MIG welders are relatively easy to weld with an, a good grinder and sawsall/plasma cutter and you are pretty well set to fab...

    Of course you can also do small projects like a 35 AH, sealed, deep discharge battery (not enough for a fridge, but easy to carry/transport) and a cheap Harbor freight inverter for camp lighting and electricity...(way better than any lantern, IMO, and works great with 110volt LED bulbs in lamps, at home, during power outages).
    Salvage yard frame mounted tow hooks; those on the back of the Jeep came off a Suburban and the bolts and holes even line up.... an old Jeep tow bar supplied the 1/2" steel for spacers...
    A (20% stretch minimum) snatch strap instead of a winch (to keep the vehicle lighter) ... lockers, pretty much, eliminate the need for a winch on less than extreme trails (driver skill dependent), IMO.
    ...current project; cram a chinese compressor (tsunami 1050; can't really recommend them due to design issues) into a .30 caliber (small) ammo can... replaces the worn out/retired Coleman compressor from the 1980s...
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    Moderate trail off road vehicle; 2006 TJ Rubicon, 4.10s, 4:1 low range, OEM lockers, 32" MTs...
    For DD & "civilized" camping; 2003 Ford Explorer Sport, 2dr, 4wd, 4.10s, ARB rear, Torsen front, 32" MTs...
    Ground tents work best for me so far...
    Experience along with properly set up 4WD will get you to & through places (on existing, approved 4WD trails) that 4WD, alone, can't get to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Joe View Post
    ...might be time to invest in a welding class at the local community college... MIG welders are relatively easy to weld with an, a good grinder and sawsall/plasma cutter and you are pretty well set to fab...
    I toom a welding class in HS but have often considered taking one up at a CC. Maybr after my current slew of classes are done.

    I went the winch route for now since I got it used with synthetic line.

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    Scratch dent return to compact appliace
    Purchase details
    EdgeStar 43 Qt. Portable Fridge / Freezer
    EdgeStar Portable Fridge / Freezer - 43 Qt.
    Extra 35% Off!-negative $140.00
    Item #FP430OB
    Total$259.99 Retail $450 - $700

    Powered by 215 ah Fullriver battery, craigslist $85 Retail $500-600

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    I make as much as I can myself, and don't shy away from a little labor. I also spend money on the things that I deem worthy of spending money on...but I'm a tight wad. Tires and parts are about the only thing I buy "new"

    Bumpers can be cheaper if you're willing to weld yourself and have the ability. Even finding a friend or a facebook group you can get someone to weld something cheaper than buying pre-fabbed sometimes.

    Also, figuring out what is REALLY needed is key...fridges/freezers are awesome, but do you really need ice cream overlanding? Nothing wrong with a cheap cooler and ice with some lunchmeat in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeep or Tacoma View Post
    While I am totally a gear guy and would love to spend $$$$$ on my ride to get out to the sticks and just camp . The reality is and for most here I suspect we just don't have the bucks to do all that we want. I mean in the world of 175,000 off road trucks, 6000 - 9000 for an Ursa minor ( which I wish I could afford they are awesome) 900 for a refrigerator dual battery holder at 400 with outhe batteries. I think the whole idea has gotten away fom us. so I want to konw what you have used that is cheap and effective to accomlish your overland goals.

    what have you built from scratch? what deals have you found?
    I did spend a decent amount of money building my Jeep but as far as gear:

    I go simple but I am a weekend warrior not a true "overlander". I will take some good brauts or sausages (frozen) for the first night, they I keep them in a small collapsible ice jest with no ice. They will be thawed by the first night. After that just canned, MREs or other non perishable foods and allot of individually bottled water. I stash the water wherever I can. You can get those little flavor packs or bring oranges or lemons to flavor you water and eat. Bananas are also good. I don't bring a cooler.

    I live in the woods and there is no issue my way for collecting and burning wood. I can dig a hole for a restroom. I don't need to bring fire wood. I try to in box what I can so save trash. I bring cotton balls soaked in Vaseline for a fire starter. They will burn even in the rain. I bring a tent big enough to stand in and a cots and a tarp with bungee cords for shelter, I do bring chairs. I bring just more than enough clothes. For sleeping bags I take two lighter one, my son has a medium weight one but we take feet/hand warmers to through in the bags when its cold. This is packed for three days with for my son and I.

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    2001 Jeep Wrangler TJ, Falken ATs 33X12.5 ARB front and rear, winch, belly up and other stuff.

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    Default I moslty built Offroad vehicle

    Modding is always great, one can modify his ride as per needs, mostly for offroad purpose adding the lift kits works wonders improving the ride quality.

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