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    Talking Driving from Berlin to Upper Svaneti in our Land Rover Defender

    This summer we explored the most beautiful part of the Caucasus - Svaneti - we drove there from Berlin crossing the Balkans and Turkey in our Land Rover Defender. I had rebuilt this Defender (bought from the RAF as a TUM) for our trip - I also swapped the engine for a 300TDI which I had completely rebuilt as well. Since that isn't my profession I have to say I was a little worried about our upcoming 10.000km drive.

    The road from Lentekhi to Ushguli turned out to be the highlight of our trip - up in the mountains we crossed trough beautiful river valleys, waded streams, drove along beautiful meadows full of colourful flowers, whilst the glaciers created an amazing background. Ushguli is a remote village in Georgia - due to the absence of roads and the difficult access, it has managed to preserve a lot of its historic cultural artefacts making it even more interesting.

    Camping in your 4x4 in Svaneti is unproblematic - it is just that you have to choose among so many beautiful places that you will have difficulties deciding on where to park!

    Sadly I cannot seem to post any pictures here (which is really the interesting part ) - so I'd invite you to check out our travel blog - see the link below.
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    Driving in Upper Svaneti:

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