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Thread: Permanent or temporary shower?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidl13 View Post
    Removing the toilet and shower allowed us to move to a vehicle that is faster on the hwy, easier to find parts when needed, tighter turning radius, shorter overall length, shorter height, lighter weight, fits into any parking space in a tight parking lot and have tons of storage, 2 electric folding fat tire bikes stored inside under the bed....and still have a fixed queen bed, folding couch/2nd bed and wet galley with 21 gallons of fresh water storage, outside shower
    Any pictures of your rig?
    2016 Toyota Tundra SR 4x4 Double Cab Long Bed 5.7L..... DIY camper on the way...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rruff View Post
    Any pictures of your rig?

    Actually, no, I’ll get to work on that one... it’s a van, e350, v10, high top ccv poptop... with a bed setup so you can use it while the top is down for stealth and severe weather.... tons of functional storage, both bikes under the bed accessed from rear doors, folding couch along the driver side wall, galley hangs over into sliding door area a bit...35” tires w 4x4 and full lockers, under 10’ tall, 9,880 lbs fully wet w gear less crew

    My design goal was under 10’ tall and under 10,000 lbs...and fit in a normal parking space length and width... , design mission accomplished... my experience is those design specs matter... as well it needed to be reasonably priced, so I didn’t mind spending money on a nice house to rent at a destination... for me, that meant $40-$80k all in...
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