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    I have a 2015 4 runner looking for off road trailer for mostly desert and coastal work will be out at least a month at a time looking more for a shell to build with from the look of things the only things I'm seeing are rvs... need room for sat and hardware plus collection space. Room for 2... indoor sleeping if possible. Solar and all power requirements would be nice to find but doubtful. Good budget too work with. Thanks

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    I suggest a utility trailer a single axle 5x10 max size and you can outfitted any way that you want, first would be bigger tires preferably to match the tow vehicles, inside bunk beds, some type of drawer units for clothes and food.

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    I'd second the utility trailer but you can go bigger, but not much bigger, if you go with an aluminum framed trailer instead of steel. Many states have a 3000lb limit before you need trailer brakes so the manufacturers all build their single axle trailers to 2990-2999lbs and use a 3500b axle, buying an aluminum trailer will buy you about 200lbs of cargo and still keep you "legal" at 3k. T4R tows 5k but it'll tow 3k way better for long trips. You can add shelves, hammocks, beds, fold flat tables, windows (mandatory if you want to sleep in it), and whatever else you can build. I prefer a ramp back door over barn doors. Check out stealth trailers., everything can be taken apart or reinforced with a square #2 bit, comes with LEDs, and you can add insulation in an afternoon.

    Off road trailers will run you at least triple but will be more 4x4 capable if you really plan to go beyond fire roads and light off roading. You can always add a multi axis hitch or pintle hook if you want to get fancy. Buy a bigger set of tires and call it good.

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    $4K for a well made off-road trailer. I bought a used CVT tent off Craigslist for $750.
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    I second georgiadrifter, as I'm also a very happy Morris Mule owner. You simply can't beat his trailers, especially for the price.

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