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Thread: Grandpa's 1989 K1500- Reborn

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    Default Grandpa's 1989 K1500- Reborn

    Posted in the full size thread last night. But local to South Dakota. So Midwest it is.

    Quick story. Grandpa and Grandma never had any money. Grandpa was an OTR driver and hauled for John Deere for several years. Sad story, they were in a nasty accident, from which Grandma never recovered. A week later she was gone. Grandpa, walked away without a scratch. But mentally was checked out. A year later, he passed.

    This truck was the only thing he ever bought new. It was where most of the grand kids learned to drive, even when our parents were not that impressed with grandpa letting us take the wheel. Fishing trips, and journeys to the store or his work are found memories. Luckly, I was able to purchase the truck from their estate. With a promise to the other grand kids and our parents that I would restore it and give Grandpa one last trip over the rockies.

    It never saw a garage not once, to be honest, there was a ton of rust and it ran pretty rough. But only 80,000 miles on the clock. So I brought it home. Two years in and the rust has all been cut out. I learned most of my body work skills as I went. So everything took time. Every piece removed was replaced with a custom fabricated piece. This is no quick bankrolled panel replacement repair. It meant to much to me. I felt like I was learning right along side Grandpa, and every bend was critiqued and made as perfect as possible.

    Enough with the background. Lets get some shots up.
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    Default Picked up some wheels and tires.

    The tires were shot after sitting for nearly two years. Not a single one matched anyway. So picked some up really cheap! Thanks Dad for the donation off your 2006!

    These are steel 17's an upgrade from the stock 16's steel wheels. Mostly, just feel alot better moving it around with tires that hold air and have 30% tread on them.
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    Default Two years of work

    Sanded down, body work done. I will get photos of the body work process up. I promise. But here it is after the first primer sanding session.

    At this point, the winch is in. 12K lbs. Tucked in the front factory bumper. Its hard to notice, only being stretched one inch further to the front in order to fit the 12K monster. Yes, I can hang the truck up like a pinata and wash the underside if I can find a tree tall and big enough. JK

    Also Installed a Powertrax Locker in the rear 8.6 bolt. Increased capacity diff cover with royal purple inside. Breather lines extended as well. All new disks/rotors/drums/ pads. All new bearings in both the front and rear axles. Looks like I need a few new seals in the transfer case and maybe replace the universal joints on the drive shafts.

    Committed Exhaust sin, and replaced the headers, y pipe, and added a magnaflow Cat and a flowmaster delta 50 muffler. Turns out before the passanger side rear tire. Nothing hangs below the body anymore.

    Anyways more photos.
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    Winch is hidden in the front bumper again, My father in law and I built, mostly him, a mount for the winch and the bumper actually attaches to the mount. Mount is made of 3/8 inch steel. Really should pull the frame apart before that fails. Not sure if thats a good thing or not?

    Aluminum tread plate was used to both hide/protect the winch and cables, but also to act as a step. Winch is set up to be wireless, so hope that works. If not I can run a remote. I also have the factory Luverne Grill guard, however, I had to buy new mounts. Literally got the last set ever made, thank God I live a few miles from the Luverne factory. The parts bag had about an inch of dust on it. Thanks Brian for digging for these in the back room.

    Again, idea is to keep this thing looking as retro/stock as possible. As I get more posts up I hope you all enjoy the direction I am taking with it.

    Cant wait to hear your comments.
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    Default 30 years of sitting outside with no love

    Here are some shots of the rust I was talking about. Pretty nasty.
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    Default some of the repair panels going in.

    Not sure why I didn't get any shots of the rotted out rockers, but I have a repair shot.
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    Looking GOOD!!!

    Something so satisfying about restoring and old war horse!!!!

    Keep us updated!!
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    Grandpa would be proud. My dad owned a number of old Chevy trucks for his company. All us kids learned to drive in those old things and loved em. I'm still a huge fan of the Square bodied Chevys. Good luck!
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    Default Big Thanks

    Thank you Brit and Wander for the feedback.

    Hoping to get back to a little dent repair this week. Would be nice to get the last coat of Primer on before Christmas.

    There can not be that many days above 70 left here in South Dakota.

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    Depends on which map you're using...
    If you've got the whole thing stripped down, is it worth it doing all the dent repair?
    One some of the smaller spots, it probably is; but with those rotted out sections it looks like it'd be easier to just replace whole panels.
    There is a 93.4% chance that this poster has no clue what he is talking about.

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