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Thread: Grandpa's 1989 K1500- Reborn

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    If you've got the whole thing stripped down, is it worth it doing all the dent repair?
    One some of the smaller spots, it probably is; but with those rotted out sections it looks like it'd be easier to just replace whole panels.
    Yea, good point. I did cut out all the rust and weld in patch panels. I could have purchased entire replacement pieces and bolted them in. But the I would learn any thing. I only have two small dents to fix then skim coat the hood.

    Hopefully will get that done this weekend.

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    Default Lift

    Wondering what kind of luck guys have running 35's on stock 1500 axles? Locker in the rear 8.6 open front. Factory 5.7 power plant. Any advice would be appreciated. Would really like a four inch lift and 35's otherwise will stick with the 33's. thanks. Planning this to be a family overlander.

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    Default Update

    Well, Winter finally hit here in South Dakota. My garage is insulated, but not heated above 40 degrees. So paint and body work is on hold till warmer months. Plenty to do though. Hopefully can start working on some sliders this next couple weeks. Also planning on building a rear bumper with swing gates. (Would sure like to see some custom swing gates so I can get an idea of how to build one.) Also thinking about adding some sliders on rear box corners and anchoring them to the frame and rear bumper.

    Need to mock up LED's Ultra thin 13 inch strips in the lund visor and run the wiring. Plan is to make small cut outs in the front lip of the visor for these to secretly sit in. Will share photos as I progress on that.

    Dual Battery set up, new headliner, new seat coverings, tail light wiring harness, and storage/bed unit built into the box.

    Seems like the list never ends, but hoping the body work was the biggest project.

    Think I determined the best route forward with the lift is going to be a 2 inch leveling kit, manual locking hubs for the front. Then I should be able to stuff 33x10.5's in. God I would like to run pizza cutter 34x10.50's but all I can think of is parts breaking and the wife complaining about being stuck out on the trail.

    Will try to keep you guys informed.

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    Default Update

    Just finished creating a whole new wiring harness for the rear end. Thanks much in part to my Father In Law for lending some knowledge and time to the project.

    Planning to stop at the local steel place and get everything I need for the sliders. Maybe even the rear bumper.

    I talked to Todd (owner of) Mercenary Off Road last week regarding the project, and his thoughts were to shy away from a suspension lift and let the front end do what the engineers made it to do. Makes sense. Its probably as strong as it will ever be as an IFS set up. He also encouraged me away from the swing gate for the rear. So daydreaming away. I think I am going to build something out of 10 inch OD Steel pipe Notch the ends to create a protection point for the rear bottom box corners. Then fab in a 3 two inch receivers. One centered and the other two at the frame rails to function as recovery points. Hoping the final look to be something like a rear roll pan (like many low rider street trucks) but with some 4x4 flair.

    Will get some pictures posted as soon as possible.

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    Hey had a couple hours this weekend. Here is the photographic evidence.KIMG0826.jpg

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