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Thread: Best source for Frontier OME suspension?

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    That's the info I was looking for. Anyone know if the full kit ever goes on sale? Or is it $1284 everywhere all the time?
    2016 Nissan Frontier pro4x cc/sb

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    I got the standard duty front and HD rear. My truck wears a flip pac camper shell, truck vault, a heavy rear bumper, and has a 8 gallon water tank so I needed the HD. Unless you have an after market front bumper you don't need the HD front springs.

    Also I asked Nisstec when I bought mine about adding a HD spring to the front in the future if I decide to get a front bumper. They said it's not a problem to swap the springs. The valving is identical and springs are relatively cheap. The full kit was supposedly on sale when I bought it from Nisstec. Below is what I paid, copied from my invoice:

    *SALE* Complete OME Suspension W/ Dakar Leafs '05+ Frontier (Front Coil Choice: OME_607_Standard_Load_1.5
    Cam Bolts Right & Left Kit: Full R & L Kit (+ $55.00)
    Front Coilover Assembly: Yes (+ $140.00)
    Rear Leaf Options: CS151R HD Leaf Packs (+ $77.00)
    Add OME Greasable Shackles: GS15 Shackles (SB100 Bushings) (+ $128.00))

    Total was 1589 plus 125 in shipping. hope that helps

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