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Thread: Corey's 2007 FJ Cruiser built for expedtion/overland, & daily driver

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corey View Post
    Thank you very much James.
    I just picked up the Eezi-awn 270 Bat awning yesterday, but I may have to have beefier mounts built for it.
    The ones holding my Campinglabs awning may or may not work.

    If the weather gives me a chance to work on the rig this weekend, I will be doing a few things and updating my thread here.
    In the meantime, here is a video from Paul May at Equipt Expeditions where I got the awning from.

    Let us know how you like the awning.... thats a REAL nice Hundy in his video..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corey View Post
    I have always thought about getting one of those scan gauge tools in the past, but never got around to it.
    I saw a post the other day by Lifestyle Overland on Facebook, and he had a tablet running in his 4Runner with the Torque app from Android running on it, and I was intrigued since I run an NVIDIA Shield tablet for the Gaia GPS/Mapping app in my rig for logging future campsites.

    I asked him about the device he he was using in his OBDII port, and he said it was the BAFX Products one which is highly rated on Amazon.
    I bought it via Amazon, and I went to the Play Store on my PC, and bought the Torque Pro app, and told it to send the file to my NVIDIA Shield tablet.
    I like how you can be on a computer, but tell it to go to your phone of your tablet, very neat!

    I have never looked at my OBDII port before, but I had an idea where it was since the emissions place hooks up their scanning cable to it when you go to get your emissions done here every other year.

    I plugged in the device, and a red LED came on like it was suppose to.
    Since the port has power all the time, the light will remain on when the rig is off, no biggy, very small current draw.

    The instructions for the device to pair it with the Torque Pro app is very simple.
    Have the scanner plugged into the port, fire up the rig, then go to your Android device and have it scan for new devices, and it said OBDII in there, and I selected it, typed in 1234 for the code.
    Then you open up the Torque app, and it fired right up with the tachometer showing me my RPMs.
    You have a few different screen you can go through, and I selected the one that shows all of the gauges on there such as tach, vacuum, water temperature, and a few others.
    I will have to play around with it more later to see if I can add in more gauges.

    Overall, I am pretty happy with it.


    Android Bluetooth Wireless OBDII Reader & Scan Tool - For Android Devices Only

    (Via Amazon)
    BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Devices

    Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) Not for IOS yet

    Picture and a movie:

    Movie on theTorque app not working? I would love to see transmission temp. On my truck...
    2003 Montero Limited
    3.8L V6 6G75 5 Speed Auto
    Roof Rack, Kumho- AT-51's LT265-75-R16E, Air Lift rear bags, skid plates, rear recovery points added on, modified spare tire holder for larger tires, 2" home made front spacer lift, 30mm rear coil spacer (80 Series Landcruiser Polyurethane spacer from Ironman4x4)

    1984 Isuzu Trooper II, LWB, 3 Door, SOLD
    1986 Toyota 4x4, 31-10.5's, SOLD
    1992 Isuzu Trooper 3.2L, SOLD
    1993 S-10 Blazer 4x4 4.3L Vortec SOLD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroadmuch View Post
    Movie on theTorque app not working? I would love to see transmission temp. On my truck...
    I just clicked on the video, it works for me.

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    I want to see your guitars! (I play too).
    you guys got me thinking about an FJ...but dam! that stuff for them is expensive! I've always been a full size chebby guy. I have a project suburban for me & my grandson to work on and travel in. I do like your rig. Well thought out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
    I want to see your guitars! (I play too).
    you guys got me thinking about an FJ...but dam! that stuff for them is expensive! I've always been a full size chebby guy. I have a project suburban for me & my grandson to work on and travel in. I do like your rig. Well thought out.
    Thanks, it has been a work in progress for sure.

    Here are all of my guitars, mostly PRS with a 2012 Gibson SG '61 Reissue, and that little Fernandes guitar being the odd ones.

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    Default Eezi-Awn Bat 270 Awning Installed 4-21-2017

    Been a month since the last mod.

    I have had the Campinglabs awning on my rig since spring of 2008 shortly after I got my Autohome Maggiolina Airlander roof top tent installed.
    The awning has been very nice to have, but kind of a PITA to setup on some of the solo trips I have gone on.

    Within the past year of so I have seen these 270 degree awnings pop up on forums, and there are a few brands out there.
    I am already a fan of Eezi-Awn gear as I have two of their tables I keep in the rig full time which I use one for the chuckbox, the other for dining at.

    I bought the awning from Paul May of Equipt Expeditions in Utah, and it had been stored on my living room floor for three plus weeks.
    I attempted to install it a few weeks back with the help of a couple that lives next door, but we could not get it aligned up, and quite frankly I am glad we had a snag.
    The awning is much heavier than the Campinglabs one, and Paul and BajaRacks had warned me it might bend the BajaRacks awning mounts outwards with the additional weight of this new awning.

    Jason the tech at Auburn Off-Road put it on, and indeed it was a little heavy.
    But not to worry, him and John the owner of the shop said they could either weld a gusset in there much like you see on a pair of rock sliders, or tie a flat piece of metal stock in there and tie the Eezi-Awn bracket to the horizontal part of the BajaRacks awning bracket together, same as gusseting it.
    And it worked!

    If I need more stability, I still have the middle BajaRacks awning bracket on the roof rack, but the Eezi-Awn awnings only utilize two positions.
    Paul sells the brackets, and if needed, Jason could make up a third piece and tie it in, but we really do not think that will need to be done at this time.
    I will keep my eye on it and see how it is holding up.

    This awning is such a joy to deploy, as you just walk around the rig with the strap and the awning unfolds for you.
    This is a free standing awning, but if rain or wind is expected, it has built in legs you can extend and stake to the ground to make it more stable.
    Instead of me making a video of it opening (I may if I get time later) here is a video of Paul May opening the same awning, but his is installed on the right side of the rig instead of the left like mine is.
    The make both a left and right hand version, they are not interchangeable from side to side.


    Eezi-Awn Bat 270 Awning Left Hand Side (Driver)

    Auburn Car Repair & Offroad


    Stock BajaRacks awning bracket in the middle, and the Eezi-Awn bracket bolted to the one on the left

    Closeup of the Eezi-Awn bracket

    Modified bracket so it would mate to the BajaRack bracket

    Both Eezi-Awn brackets bolted up

    You can see the extra metal piece Jason fabbed up that ties the back of the Eezi-Awn bracket, and it goes over the long outer tube of the BajaRack that holds the tent, and it ties into the top and bolts though the BajaRack awning mount

    Side shot of the very dirty rig with the new awning all zipped up

    Case unzipped, and the canvas hanging down before you grab the strap and go for a walk around the rig to open it up

    Awning deployed, no legs down yet, and it seemed pretty stable with a light breeze

    I had to remove the Rotopax cans, but the aluminum support arm that goes to the right side cleared the Maxtrax just fine

    Look at those nice legs

    Another shot from the back side

    The strap you grab when you go for a walk around the rig to deploy it has a hook on the end, and it fits just perfect around the BajaRacks right side front leg support that bolts to the roof

    Side shot showing the Maxtrax, they rub a bit, I will have to find out if they will wear on the canvas, if so, I will come up with a solution

    Rotopax back on, and they clear the canvas

    Closeup of the aluminum arm with the name Eezi-Awn on it, and you can see it is much lower than the high point on the Rotopax, and this is why they must come off to deploy the awning

    What I am going to do when I get time it to turn the Rotopax mounting plate that is on the ladder 90 and lower it some, and the cans will sit sideways, and a little lower, and I think that will solve the problem so I do not have to remove the cans each time.
    I do have to remove the CB antenna, but that is on a quick disconnect mount, and very easy to take off in less than two seconds.

    Overall I am very pleased with this new awning.
    One thing you have to do is make sure you get the three top strap parts out that help tighten up the canvas when it is rolled up.
    Not bad though for my first time deploying it and putting it away.

    Stand by for tomorrow, as I have another mod that was done today, and it is for the Renogy 100 watt solar panel that keeps the auxiliary battery charged up since that runs the new National Luna Weekender 50 Twin fridge/freezer.

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    I think the passenger side version would be better since your rear door opens to the driver side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toyotech View Post
    I think the passenger side version would be better since your rear door opens to the driver side.

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    Only this is I must enter my tent from that side, as my fridge is on the drivers side, and I would not be able to open the doors on that side to access the fridge with the ladder hanging there.

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    Default Anderson SB50 Plug & Cable Added To Aux. Battery For Solar Panel Installed 4-21-2017

    This was done Friday, but I just got pictures and hooked up the solar panel an hour ago.
    The auxiliary battery under the hood is primarily used just to power the new National Luna Weekender 50 Twin fridge/freezer I picked up last fall.
    It also supplies power to the comm units in my rig, both CB and ham.

    For my Renogy folding solar panel the way I hooked it up before to the auxiliary battery was with the supplied battery clamps like you see on jumper cables which you will see in a few pictures below.
    Had to pop the hood for this each time, and I wanted a better setup.
    The Renogy kit already came with and Anderson SB50 plug, so I had Battery Stuff make me up a short cable that would go to the battery, and the other end would go to an Anderson plug and be on the outside of the rig so I did not have to pop the hood open.
    I also had them make me up an extension cable that would extend the range by about 20'.
    They did not however install a 15 amp fuse on the shorter cable, I had to do that myself.

    However as I was waiting in the waiting room at Auburn Off-Road getting my new awning installed, I was looking through a copy of 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine from last summer (I had read the article before) I saw a solar panel company called Overland Solar that has the same cable and extensions that come fused.
    Wish I had known about them, I would have bought the shorter cable from them already fused, and just got the non fused extension from them too.

    The external Anderson SB50 plugged is attached to the side of the ARB Intensity LED light bracket.
    It makes for a pretty stealth installation, and is way better than drilling into the bumper.

    From testing the setup today in very overcast conditions, I was very impressed how fast it brought up the voltage from 12.3 to 13.4 volts.
    When I fire up my rig to drive it, both voltage displays go to about 14 volts, then back down to 13.4 volts when cruising, so I am impressed, I already said that right

    Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Suitcase
    This one has a newer charge controller than the one I have one mine, and they got away from the Anderson plugs, not good in my opinion, as I prefer the Anderson SB50 A plugs.

    Custom Cable 4' 10 Gauge with Rings & SB50 10ga4ringSB
    They also made the 20' 10 gauge cable for me with the Anderson SB50A plugs on each end, but you will have to call them to custom order it.

    On with some pictures:

    The Renogy kit comes with a new semi-hardshell case

    The old battery clamp cable on the far left I use to use, the new Anderson plug equipped one that connects to the battery in the middle, and the 20' extension on the far right

    The charge controller on the rear of the solar panel, and a mugshot of me got in there somehow

    Cable attached to the auxiliary battery, and yes, it is a mess of pine needles under there, as I park under trees at home and at work

    Anderson SB50 plug attached to the side of the ARB Intensity LED light bracket

    Beginning voltage on the auxiliary batter is 12.3 volts

    The charge controller needs the date and time set, but it lights up as soon as it detects the auxiliary battery attached, and you can also see a smiley face in the display, all if good, plus the green light for working
    Sorry, I could not get a good focus on the display.

    Cable plugged into the Anderson SB50 plug on the rig

    Solar panel soaking up the rays, and it is highly overcast here this morning, very impressed as you will see in the other voltage picture

    About fifteen minutes or so later, the 12.3 volts jumped to 13.4 volts, about the same as when I am driving down the road with the alternator charging up both batteries, I am impressed

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    Default Fridge Monitors, Rotopax, & Awning 4-29-2017

    Added two digital fridge monitors to my National Luna Weekender 50 Twin fridge/freezer this morning.
    The Engel wireless one I have been using since 2008 is not working properly anymore, and I got away from wireless.
    I found these on Amazon a few weeks back, and you can set it for Fahrenheit or Celsius.

    Although the fridge has an LED readout on it, I wanted a temp monitor in each section to get a better reading on my temps.

    Digital Refrigerator Freezer Room Thermometer, Max/Min Record Function with Large LCD Display (2 Pack of Black)

    I lowered and turned the mount 90 degrees for the two Rotopax cans I carry as I could not deploy my new awning without taking them off.
    And the Adventure Tool Company Tool Roll is so handy to have wrenches available to work on the mount.

    Compare below in the first picture when the Rotopax were upright, you can clearly see the Eezi-Awn swing arm is lower than the cans, thus why I had to remove the cans to deploy the awning.

    Now look at the arm with the Eezi-Awn name on it and see how it sits higher than the Rotopax, thus allowing me to deploy the awning without removing them.
    I do have to lift that arm up slightly to clear the top of the Maxtrax, but there is a little flex in the arm, but not enough to have cleared the Rotopax when they were up higher.

    In the picture below I have two of the awning legs down, and the rear one is pushing up the canvas enough to clear the top of the Maxtrax when opening the rear door, or just sitting.
    This clears the top of them from rubbing on the awnings canvas in case it is windy.
    The Alu-Cab 270 awnings actually have a small arm you flip up to lift the canvas higher, but not really needed in my case.

    In the final pic is me just relaxing in my new Blue Ridge Chair Works called "The Blue Ridge Chair".
    I picked it up about a month back, very comfortable after I was done working for a few hours earlier on the rig.

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