Thread: New hinge kits for your FlipPac will be available shortly from Sway-A-Way

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    Default New hinge kits for your FlipPac will be available shortly from Sway-A-Way

    There was mention of this in the "FlipPac parts" thread, but I wanted to be sure everyone saw this :-)

    I have been helping Sway-A-Way who makes the replacement torsion bars for the FlipPac on re-designed replacement hinge sets.

    I have fitted the prototype blanks on my FlipPack and will be excited to get the real deal when they are ready... still about month out - maybe a nice Christmas present and will be in time to get them installed before the Spring camping season.

    They have taken most of my suggestions and the hinges will be very beefy... very little chance of ever breaking one again I would think. The originals used almost 1/2" (total) of shims to make it fit tight in the frame tubes. The new kit will eliminate those shims with added material on the hinge. It will be a tight fit and you will need to clean up the inside of your frame tubes very thoroughly and if there is a weld seam in your particular FlipPack frame tubes you will need to file that down. The other option I suppose will be to file down the hinges to make a perfect fit.

    The issue I had on my broken one is you have nothing at all to grab onto to get the old one out... I ended up boring a 3/4" hole in the opposite end of my lid to and using an 8 foot rod to punch it out. Not a huge deal but of course I will have a small fiberglass repair to do later - no biggie.

    When I get a set I will do a photo/video how-to :-)

    Between a good torsion bar and hinge set many new FlipPacs should be able to live again... I just wish we could find out what company made the tent portion...

    Photos: Hinge prototypes, Old hinge shims, removal of old broken hinge


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    flip pac... habitat.. hmmm

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    Default very nice...

    Awesome, thanks for taking the lead on this!

    On a side note, anyone have a hookup on the bushings the torsion bar rests on, inside the hinge?
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    I'll take a set when available!
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    FYI, you could probably weld a piece of scrap to the broken hinge to get it out next time.
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    Any update on these hinges need a set set for my flippac

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