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    Quote Originally Posted by jeep-N-montero View Post
    Have you had to replace the speedometer motor in it yet? We haven't even turned 140k yet in our 2003 and the speedometer gets wacky when it's cold outside.
    I had a 2004 Tahoe. I had a funky speedometer which would peg back and forth. The instrument cluster was replaced (with the odometer properly programmed) under my extended warranty. I learned afterwards that there had been a class action lawsuit covering this problem as it was very common and GM did not initiate a recall. Many of my friends also had these problems and got theirs replaced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vintageracer View Post
    Actually is more like 24,137 gallons of fuel used instead of 29,167 gallons as she gets a consistent 14.5 MPG with this truck rather than the 12 MPG you quoted.

    After all 5,000 gallons less is a 5,000 gallon SAVINGS or about a $11,250 savings at today's price of $2.25/gallon for fuel!

    Damn that's a LOT O MONEY!
    So you are saying the lifetime average of that truck is 14.5 mpg, it never gets driven in the city, goes up hills or tows anything? I would love to average 14.5 with our truck.
    We own a few Monteros

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