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Thread: Need help choosing new truck tire

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    I ran the Cooper AT3 and Hankkok ATM side by side on similar Jeeps. The AT3's were ok, but the ATM's were better in winter conditions, quieter and smoother on the road, and less expensive. They were similar off road and both lasted a long time. I've bought several more sets of Hankooks since and wouldn't consider the AT3's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiddypal View Post
    What are the drawbacks associated with the smaller tires? Less towing weight capability? I would really like to come down a size if it's going to net me close to 5mpg and not have any significant drawbacks.
    The smaller tire will reduce ground clearance a bit, but it makes the gearing lower, which aids acceleration. Smaller tires carry less load, but a E rated (10ply) tire will still have lots of carrying capacity.

    If you want better mpg and road performance, and a 10ply tire, get Michelin LTX M/S. gn=promo_manufacturer$$&clickid=VuOUOKVR3Wj8zaJ3W5 3ZOxhwUkmT9IyBWVVgzc0&iradid=198691&irpid=166774
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