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    Starting our planning for a 2018 trip. Wife and 18 month old coming with. More than likely driving a mild 3rd gen 4Runner. Looking for advice on routes and stops along the way. I think the current plan is to head there through Ontario and head back through NY, but nothing is really set yet. We don't even have a destination in Maine to turn around at, just know we want to hit the coast.

    I'm up for some off road driving but that isn't the main goal. We're looking to log miles and see lots of countryside, 55mph two lane roads are my favorite. Any must-stops you guys can recommend is appreciated.

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    Here's a couple of sites for interesting places:

    A list of places of interest:

    Bar Harbor, ME
    Mount Washington Auto Road, Kancamagus Highway, NH
    Ben & Jerry’s Factory, Waterbury, Smugglers Notch, Cambridge, VT
    Ausable Chasm, Lake Placid, New York

    I probably have more places but I need to be on my desktop to look them up.
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    I don't know what part of New York you're planning on driving through but Route 90 is a mind numbing drive. Other then the Finger lakes there's nothing worth stopping for.
    As for places to stop this is just a general list. Is this just going to be a general sight seeing trip? There's so much to do in that whole NY, Northern New England area, mountain bike/road bikes, fishing, rock climbing, hiking

    Places to hit in Maine.

    Lubec, eastern most point in the US
    Bar Harbor, just so you can say you saw it.
    Camden, Mt Battie
    Freeport, LL bean Store, shopping, food
    Baxter State Park, Mt Katahdin where the Appalachian Trail ends, they have some cool primitive cabins there as well.
    Moosehead lake

    Places in NH.

    Since your bringing the kiddo with you, either Santa's Village or Story Land. Story land is right near Mount Washington.
    Mt Washington, either the Cog Railway or drive up
    Cannon Mountain, you can take the Tram up and if the weathers nice the view is worth it.
    Sandwich Notch is a fun little dirt road.
    There's a bunch of Forest service roads in the White Mountains, nothing but dirt roads but still nice views off them.
    The Flume in Lincoln, its right down the road from Cannon Mtn
    Kancamagus Highway, nothing special paved road across the white mt, but everyone loves it.

    Places in VT.

    Stowe, it's pretty much the hub for a few things you can do up there. Smugglers Notch, Camels Hump, lots of Beer
    Southern Portion of the state, down near Mt Snow.
    -Woodford State Park, you can spend a couple of days exploring the area from here, it's cheap and clean.
    -There's a bunch of water falls in the area.
    -Bennington Battle Monument, its a 300 foot stone tower.
    -Lots of dirt roads, some free camping spots in the green mountains.
    -Adam's Farm in Wilmington, again a favorite with the kids. My daughter loves it, you buy a basket full of food and get to feed a bunch a farm animals.

    Places in MA

    Mt Greylock is worth checking out, not far from Vermont.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ne_dan View Post
    I don't know what part of New York you're planning on driving through but Route 90 is a mind numbing drive. Other then the Finger lakes there's nothing worth stopping for.
    Uhmm...have you heard of the Adirondacks or Catskills? NY has some of the most extensive publicly-accessible forests in all of the northeast (certainly within the eastern US).

    I'm utterly amazed by how how many people call the Northeast their home and have no idea about the extensive wilderness that exists in northern and central NY.
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    I'm well aware of the Adirondacks and Catskills, I don't know them well enough to recommend anything outside of Lake George, and a lot of fishing. As far as my comment on Route 90, yes it is a mind numbing drive if you travel it from Niagara Falls to the 87 thruway.

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