Thread: 4th Gen Camping/Storage System - DIY- Free plans!

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    Default 4th Gen Camping/Storage System - DIY- Free plans!

    The Drawer Plans are finally out!
    After many efforts and delays, I am happy to announce to everyone that the drawer plans are finally out!

    This is a modular system designed for use in the 4th gen 4Runner that I built for myself. This means if someone wants to build just one part of the 4 part system, they should be able to.

    My motivations for making this free are a direct result of the community. The expo community is wonderful and has helped me with plenty of questions. You guys even helped me create this storage system (Thanks again Matt!)

    Use it for tailgating, use it to carry your guns, camping gear, spare parts, or even kid's toys. Whatever makes you happy.

    To get the plans, simply go to the website, add all of the items to the cart and checkout. It'll be $0.00 and you'll get a link in your email to download.

    To order the parts, the list is on the website with amazon links.


    Click here for the full album link
    Click Here to get the plans
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    I like that drawer system. Thanks for sharing.

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    Very nice set up. I built a simple 2 drawer that after a summer of use needs a revision.
    Very cool of you to share detailed specs for a cool set up.
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    Super cool of you to share these plans - hoping plenty of folks get you some good feedback over time. Nicely done!

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    Thanks for sharing.

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