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    Default Rear deck, fridge slider/ and Roller Drawers

    Step one to my rear storage and Fridge slide-out. First Up third row pulled!
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    Keenly following, though this recent trip proved why I like the 3rd row-even though I only use it annually.

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    So I did same to mine, then removed the factory tie downs so I could mount a small platform to hold me fridge (on slide) and case for gear (holds 4 soft woof packs). Bought longer bolts to hold down platform, which was lifted I think 2-3”. I have a nice gap, which allows me to hide 4 chairs, a roll up table and still easily get at spare if needed. I can see out the back with the seats up and not have restricted view which since it is my DD was important.

    Ive never missed the 3rd row though I must use use my roof rack more often ... too bad.


    Here are closeups of the platform install. Used 3/4 plywood for base which bows. Thinking about putting a removable block under there. This was my 2nd cabinet, this design allows me to keep platform and change the box if needed or I come up with a chuck box or something else.


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