Can anyone help school me up on the history of this vehicle? I've seen this vehicle running around the islands for years and due to misfortune (death of the owner), the family is set to sell. The owner daily drove this Series and towed his boat to the ramp almost everyday. I know it is a runner because I saw it on the roads almost every day I've been here for years. Unfortunately, the family who now has the vehicle knows even less about Series Rovers than I do. They are not even sure of the year, although it is registered, titled, etc. in Hawaii, they didn't have the paperwork at the time but it is on the way this week from the surviving spouse.

VIN: #25900189A

Plenty of leaks so I know there is still oil in it! hahaha

Things I'm looking for are:

1) What is the drivetrain that should be in the vehicle: motor/trans????
2) What areas to be concerned for rust: Its been in Hawaii for a while so no doubt there is rust!
3) What is the expected reasonable value? I know value is what someone would pay for it, but reasonably without any major issues, what do you think a ball-park price is for this Rover?
4) Big items to look for as far as maintenance and/or survivability of the vehicle in the long run?

Cheers to all and thanks in advance!