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    Default Northeast Overland's 5th Annual 'Moose on the Loose'

    Northeast Overland is excited to present our 5TH annual Moose on the loose in 2018!

    This particular expedition is a culmination of many trips that the NEO staff have put together over the years and we’ve decided to combine that first hand knowledge creating a challenge that we believe will be epic.

    The background for this adventure will encompass some of Maine's most scenic and vehicle challenging areas, travelling ever so close to the Canadian Border. Northeast Overland will provide the coordinates and routes, and you will provide the adventure. This area is some of the most remote in the country and sustainability for days upon days is the setting for a memorable adventure that you will never forget.

    This adventure will guarantee to challenge both man and their vehicle as we wind our way through hundreds of miles of two tracks, tote roads, logging roads, and the like. The reliability and capability of both machine and driver will be tested thru-out their adventure. All items should be carefully thought of when brought along as the balance of items that will break vs. the extra load and space they take up is a futile battle in ones mind. One should have a fully capable rig and ensure that most wear item parts are replaced prior to their eventual demise if they are worn or not up for the task of the harsh environment that this neck of the woods can offer.

    But alas, this trip is one for all ages. The rewards of scenic views from atop of mountainous ranges where your vision can soak up hundreds of miles of untouched territory, to the rich history of some of the planned stops along the way that will be embedded in your mind for years. There will be cold mountain streams where one could take a refreshing dunk into the cool crisp waters. During your adventure, teams will be passing through quaint little towns and villages which offer delicious homemade food with the rustic type of atmosphere that rural Maine natives pride themselves on. We are sure that all of you will enjoy the additional features that this years rides will provide, all from the great suggestions of previous MOTL's attendees.

    What: Northeast Overland's 5th Annual 'Moose on the Loose'

    When: Wednesday, June 13th to Saturday, June 16th, 2018

    Where: Northwestern Maine

    Meeting Location: Registration/sign-in will be 20 miles out of Rockwood off of Route 15 between 3-5pm at Pittston Farms. (45.893730, -69.964384) Free camping will also be at this location with gasoline provisions on site! (usually above market price due to extreme road conditions and distance). Northeast Overland will also be providing a delicious homecooked supper for everyone on Wednesday night!!

    What to bring: Your street legal (and by this we mean registered & insured) and very well maintained 4 Wheel Drive vehicle that has an operational 4 Low. Ground clearance with a minimum of 8" and absolutely, positively no dual rear wheeled vehicles or small cars. We can't stress this last one enough as some of the roads become very tight and narrow bridges will be crossed and potential for numerous washouts that will not support a dual wheeled vehicle or small cars. Every day there will be some sort of terrain where a good amount of ground clearance is required to get through. This is an Overlanding event which means you must drive your rig to and from the event. No trailered rigs please!
    Warm clothing, basic extrication and recovery equipment, camping/sleeping provisions, food/water/fuel, spare parts/tools/knowledge, camera/batteries, etc. Staff will be assuring you bring the required goods and go over your rig w/a checklist when you arrive and register at the first nights gathering.

    All dogs must be leashed and or secured at all times. No free running or roaming around at all for everyone's comfort and safety. It's very easy to set up a runner for them as you can easily stretch a rope from tree to tree and use their leash as the runner. Or just attach them to your vehicle (when it's not in motion..). There are many different ways to secure one's beloved dog so as not to disrupt anyone's time during the event. Kids are not required to be leashed, however, adult supervision is requested at all times. Cats and any other animals/pets should be left at home. Thank you for your understanding.

    Required Equipment:
    * *• Five (5) 31" or bigger really good condition AT or MT tires (This means a full-size spare (5 of the same size))
    * *• Front and rear tow points
    * *• Good working and properly tuned CB radio
    * *• Fire extinguisher
    * *• Basic 1st aid kit adequate for the number of people in your rig
    * *• Fuel container w/fuel (4 gallon minimum)
    * *• 2015 or newer Delorme Maine Atlas and Gazetteer
    * *• At least one handheld and/or street GPS capable of coordinate navigation, and the knowledge to operate it
    * *• Basic extrication/recovery kit (snatch strap, gloves, shackle(d-ring), snatch block, tree saver, etc) NO CHAINS!
    * *• Basic tool kit for your vehicle
    * *• Tire repair kit and a means of inflating your tires (CO2, compressor, OBA)
    * *• Rear facing, high mounted, steady burning white or amber light. This will help promote better visibility for the people behind you during dusty environments. LED is recommended. No flashing/strobe lights!

    Recommended Equipment (in addition to the required list):
    * *• Vehicle specific parts + tools
    * *• Skid plates!!
    * *• Securely mounted winch and necessary extrication/recovery equipment (again, NO CHAINS!)
    * *• Spare parts for CB (radio, mic, cord, antenna)
    * *• Anti-bug stuff (spray, netting, permethrin clothing)
    * *• Another full-size spare tire (for a total of six)
    * *• Toilet paper
    * *• Snacks & water
    * *• Air compressor, shovel, Hi-Lift
    * *• A good, clean spare air filter

    Staff will be assuring you bring the Required Equipment and go over your rig w/a checklist when you arrive and register at the first nights gathering. Participants will not be allowed on the ride until the list of required items is fulfilled. This is for everyone's safety and enjoyment.

    Ride Fees: Non-refundable $400 per team. Teams consist of 2 rigs. You can bring as many people in your vehicle as seatbelts allow, that's the only limit on occupants. Co-drivers/navigators are strongly recommended! Tickets go on sale Jan 1st, 2018 at noon o' clock. Tickets will ONLY be sold as team packages, so please have your team decided prior to purchase. There is only a 10 team limit, so be sure to get your spot early! When you register, please supply us with your full name, Town & State, and vehicle info (yr, make, model) along with your Teammates full info as well. We will also need the t-shirt sizes for both drivers. (You can post all this in the comments following this post).
    Click the link below to purchase your Team spot!
    June MOTL Registration

    What to Expect: We will mostly be traveling on a variety of well-built logging roads and the occasional old grown-in roads (Some more closely resemble ATV trails). Some "roads" are riddled with ginormous rocks (think boulders) and 4Lo will be used!! Tarmac will also be mixed in here and there. 4WD is absolutely required, bring something with 8" minimum ground clearance and skid plates are highly recommended. This area is very remote and that needs to be respected. Complete self-reliance is to be expected. This is why we are doing teams. This is for your safety.
    Small trees are always encroaching in towards over the years, and "pin striping" is likely, especially with a larger vehicles.

    Inter-rig communication will be by CB radio (or ham radio if you have the equipment and licenses). CB channels will be assigned Wednesday evening when you sign-in. Ham radio operation is encouraged. Staff will be using CB channel 16 and will also be using and monitoring select Ham radio frequencies.

    Expect to be sharing some of the roads with large over-sized, over-weight, speeding logging trucks that will not move from the center of the road. A GPS used incorrectly can send one off-course. Cell phone coverage is sketchy at best and is rendered near useless in Northwestern Maine area and cannot be relied upon 100%. Other navigation tools that are recommended to have with you is your mapping compass and a spare GPS.

    Given the history and the dusty nature of the roads, a dry air filter system is highly recommended (not oiled, such as a K&N). It has been proven that oiled air filters get clogged up within a short amount of time and can be very hard, if not near impossible, to clean out in the woods.

    Each night we will all be camping in a different location, the ole point-to-point style. We can guarantee that Teams will be camping together but cannot always guarantee larger groups will be able to set-up next to each other.

    Navigation will be in two forms. Both routing options will be given out the previous night for the upcoming days adventure. Both options will have specific waypoints that are strongly encouraged for you to visit.
    Option One This will be the standard follow-the-designated-route style where you'll mark on your maps a given route to navigate yourself thru and past scenic attractions. This is more for people that like to ride in big groups and take in the scenery without having to figure out exactly what may lie ahead.
    Option Two This will be a connect-the-dots style where coordinates will be given out and you can plot your way to the next evening's campsite all while enjoying the scenic "locations" along the way. This will be for the more adventurous type, however getting to camp early may not always happen.

    inReach Numbers for Emergency Contact, these are text only!:

    Chris Woodcock (FJ Boozah)
    * * 1-310-905-5835

    Jareb Dyer (MtnClimber)
    * * 1-213-529-8573
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    I'd rather be camping. God is great, beer is good, and people are just plain crazy.
    It was a good idea, right until it wasn't. Now the adventure begins.

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