I'm trying to arrive at a backpack solution that will cover 4 major uses:

  • skiing - including resort/inbounds downhill, cross country, and occasionally backcountry alpine touring
  • day trips with the family for pretty much anything (hike, picnic, etc.)
  • everyday carry (EDC) - my main bag for carrying my laptop, lunch, and assorted extras to work and home
  • Get Home Bag (GHB) - This would be coupled with my EDC point above. I wasn't a boy scout but I tend to operate with the idea of being prepared. I work 15 miles from home and if something were to happen where my vehicle was not able to get me home (breakdown, natural disaster, manmade disaster, etc.), I want a backpack that is comfortable and has room enough for some essentials to keep me moving

I already sold off my Dakine ski backpack as it was too small to be much use for anything; it barely held a shovel for touring in avalanche country. I have a couple shoulder laptop bags but I suspect that type of bag is causing me some shoulder problems, hence why I'm seeking a better backpack. I already have a Mystery Ranch Big Sky (3000 cu. in./50L, a bit too big for most of what I want to do) and a large Osprey internal frame pack (way too big), so I'm looking at packs in the 1500-2000 cu. in. range (about 25-30 liters). Are there some brands and models that members here have had some luck with?

One major requirement is that the pack have a waist belt, and that belt needs to be removable. A couple examples are the Kirafu Antero and the Mystery Ranch 3-day Assault Pack; I just can't afford the price tag on these ($300+). One that is looking more interesting is the Deuter Freeride Pro 30:


This one is definitely more focused on skiing which I think I would prefer. Most other day-size packs have too much organization or one big pouch.

I know that it will be hard to have 1 backpack that can do it all, but I really don't want to manage, store, and buy multiple packs. I'm trying to find the best compromise and wondered if anyone has gone down the same path? I'm also try to stay away from tactical type backpacks; I'm not sure I really want to draw that kind of attention to myself.