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Thread: On the history of automotive-safety, and inside-the-cab modifications

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    I remember wheeling in my buddies '65 power wagon. We went straight up a short hill, then over and down the far side. Three of us in the cab, all had knots on our heads from banging the steel cab, and everything under the seat, was now on top of the dashboard!

    Memories !!!
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    All these first-hand accounts are helping the realization sink in and I'm going to be far more careful about items in the cab, even small ones, loose and mounted. You guys seem to agree with the premise, but am I wrong that this safety consideration doesn't seemed to be discussed as much as roof loads or the storage of larger gear in the trunk? I suppose it makes sense because roof racks and drawer systems are a little more fun to geek out over than cup-holders...

    Rayra, is that a safety cat? Ha, maybe a mascot will help spread the message!

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