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Thread: 2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Overland build

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    Quote Originally Posted by O.B.A.K View Post
    Hold fast Tex68w, happy wife, happy.. wife. The TRD pro is an enviable base for any family to build off of. Sounds like your mods are well within reason, in response to "adventurers" comments I would say make sure you use every bit of the the rig as it comes to your wife and yourself, those shocks and rims should last you a good long while. Good luck!

    Also the comment about heels and the running boards... if all of us out here could be so lucky! Cheers -
    Agreed, absolutely no reason to run out and change any of that on the TRD Pro and it's the majority of the appeal of the model in her eyes. I can always add the TRD Pro coil and spacer lift from Toytec should we need bigger tires or more clearance and still utilize the nicer Bilsteins.

    In regards to the misses, well she has always enjoyed 4wd vehicles and has been a fan of the 4Runner for many years, this will be her fourth. She works in an office M-F and heels are a standard part of her work attire. She's willing to make sacrifices for her daily commuter in favor of her weekend fun as long as it doesn't make things cumbersome for her daily attire, enter rock sliders with step plates. I complain from time to time like anyone else, but all in all I am very lucky to have such an understanding woman with a willingness to explore and embrace the same hobbies I enjoy.

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    I bought a 4RPRO to do overlanding, but not quite as extreme as what you want. I typically throw stuff in and drive, sleep in the back. So far very happy with the PRO. Shocks are great and work wonderfully off road, I have really tested them this past summer/fall. As for rims and tires, love the rims but IMO the tires aren't good for where I live. They work great in sand, mud, dirt, deep snow and lasted on hard pack in high desert. They absolutely suck in rain, slush, ice and compact snow/ice. I know there isn't probably a tire out there that has all positive attributes but just giving you what I drive in. My rig does great off roading and hasn't let me down, very happy with it. Love the features that the PRO offers. Mine is a daily driver as well so for me it was nice to get a factory rig that has good on road manners and can tango off road when I desire-plus I have to unfortunately use parking garages a lot so important that I can fit in these places. I would love a rack and roof top tent at some point but it's not in the cards right now. My buddy bought an SR5 and PRO'd it and he is having suspension issue(non TRD shocks) and fuel economy. Anyway, good luck with your search.

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