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Most of the guys running the newer 2500 4x4’s Suburbans aren’t calling any attention to themselves. Most of them probably don’t even know that they’re “overlanding!” Throw on a good set of tires and no further mods are necessary. Just toss in whatever you think you’ll need and go!
I think there is truth to that. I think if your idea of "overlanding" is traveling and poking into some choice backcountry more so than wheeling 4x4 trails with a household full of crap festooned all over your truck then I think the 3/4 Burbs and trucks are pretty sweet. Great drivetrain, much better front end than the 1/2 tons plus an aftermarket that can really beef them up beyond. I am a bit of a minimalist regards to vehicle builds these days, and having a big old payload and space to conceal all the gear inside the truck and keep it uber low profile is pretty sweet. I have gained a lot of respect for these vehicles the past few years of owning one.